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Brick repair and tinting for Martin Boatman Property

7th May 2019
Brick repair and tinting for Martin Boatman Property

Unfortunately, the bricks supplied for building part of a property in Derbyshire were the wrong colour and had already been laid before the client could intervene. The only cost-effective alternative to demolition and starting again was to re-colour the bricks, so Martin Boatman Property Ltd called upon the expertise of Plastic Surgeon to find a repair solution.

The Finisher involved chose to tint the bricks in-situ but, upon closer inspection, discovered that they were dirty as well as damaged.

After cleaning and filling the damaged areas, Plastic Surgeon was then able to carry out its renowned brick tinting process, colouring them to exactly match the silver bricks utilised for the construction of the rest of the property.

Plastic Surgeon’s brick tinting process involves applying new colours to existing masonry, using a variety of bases; it is able to replicate any of the brick collection’s currently available through UK suppliers, or even old weathered elevations.

The customer was pleased that the whole project had turned out so well – and the fact that it was impossible to discern the colour difference between the original bricks and the tinted ones. Additionally, repairing rather than replacement is a more environmentally-friendly solution, thus helping Martin Boatman Property Ltd reduce its carbon footprint.

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