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“I didn’t know you could repair that”

“I didn’t know you could repair that”

Michael Caine may sometimes deny having actually said: “Not a lot of people know that!” but the phrase is irrevocably linked to him in the public consciousness. Nevertheless your blogger would like to borrow the words for a week or two while we try and tell the wider world about some of the more obscure repairs we are capable of executing at Plastic Surgeon.

As our name suggests, we can repair scratches and even holes in your standard GRP baths, but our Finishers also have a lot of experience in re-enamelling the more traditional steel and even cast iron tubs. Which is of enormous benefit to both the owners of old houses and the UK’s social housing providers, because in many instances the bathrooms were built around these heavyweight vessels. Often the only way to replace them is to break or cut them up in-situ.

As authorities such as Edinburgh City Council have discovered to their delight, our special System 20 coating is ideal for completely resurfacing old models where the enamel is badly chipped or stained.

Unlike the proprietary rollered repair systems which tend to peel off again, System 20 can achieve a lasting finish on almost any steel or cast-iron bathtub; with our highly skilled Finishers addressing even the most inaccessible areas around taps, handles and outlets. It of course takes a great deal of preparation, to ensure a good bond, but the outcome is completely worth it. And where the damage is more superficial, the Finishers might be able to execute one of our Smart Repairs, addressing the isolated area.

So if you’ve got a 20th century enamelled bath that is looking a bit worse for wear, why not contact us at Plastic Surgeon to save yourself all the trouble and expense of trying to replace it.

Now a few more people know that.

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