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What does Plastic Surgeon do?

What does Plastic Surgeon do?

What does Plastic Surgeon do?

Close up photographs of Hollywood’s longer serving stars often reveals a tightness to their expressions, betraying the assistance of the surgeon’s scalpel – or at least botox injections – to ward off the passing of the years.

By contrast the ‘patients’ that Plastic Surgeon works on are almost exclusively rigid to begin with, which makes the job of our highly trained Finishers slightly easier than their medical counterparts. This lack of detectability does, though, highlight an issue we have been battling with ever since the company was set up more than 20 years ago. What exactly does Plastic Surgeon do?

The real issue centres on the fact that those people we count as potential clients have a far clearer idea of what a carpenter or plasterer does.

In other words we are not only trying to make ourselves a household name, but trying to communicate what is actually a quite complex message about what our service can include. Because basically our Finishers are multi-skilled; and there is almost nothing inside or outside of a building that they have not been called in to repair at some point in the past. And each task is likely to have echoes of work carried out by other, more familiar tradesmen.

When the dining room table or a display cabinet gets a nasty scratch on it, the customer could be forgiven for comparing our intervention with that of a French polisher. In fact, we have often been asked to take over when these specialists have found their limited armoury of materials is simply not up to the challenge. Our Finishers carry a huge array of fillers, abrasives, smoothing compounds, pigments and sealers that enable them to restore the form and appearance of damaged furniture as well as different types of doors, windows and interior fixtures.

Plumbers may fit bathroom suites, but they are ill equipped to repair a chipped basin or laminate shower tray with a crack in the surface coating. In fact while they are away at the builder’s merchant picking up a replacement, we could have the job done and be on our way to the next customer.

The glazer is the obvious person to call if you’ve got a broken window, but supposing it’s just been scratched by a clumsy window cleaner with his ladder? One of our Finishers can gradually polish it out with their special electric grinders, feathering out the area of repair to avoid distortion.

And outside where the frost has blown the edge off the stone window surround, you could call in a mason to carve and insert a new one, but why not let one of our Finishers simply rebuild and colour match the affected section.

There is no short answer, then, to what we do. Sometimes it is purely cosmetic. Sometimes it can involve recoating an entire building elevation or repairing some relatively deep damage to the building fabric.

In fact if you want to know what Plastic Surgeon does, the next time you think you might have to replace something in your property because it is ‘beyond repair’, why not give us a call? It’s only when you see the finished job that you will really understand. And returning to Hollywood for a moment, if the member of The King’s Speech team had called us, we would have fixed the Oscar his daughter dropped.


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