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Bathroom pod repair in a city centre hotel

7th May 2019
Bathroom pod repair in city centre hotel

The Citizen M hotel in Glasgow has a quirky and unique approach to its room décor, offering its guests a vibrant, eclectic experience as part of their stay.

This original approach to décor sees bathroom pods incorporated into the bedrooms. These pods have multi-colouredlighting, which changes according to set ‘moods’ that are determined by guests via an iPad based control system. In order to showcase the lighting effects, the pods have a translucent appearance, which is facilitated by a semi-transparent silver finish.

The hotel’s central Glasgow location sees high occupancy rates, meaning natural wear and tear is inevitable and maintenance becomes required over time. This was particularly the case for the silver pods, which were prone to scrapes and bumps.

Recognising the need for repair, the hotel initially called in a Dutch company to conduct the work, but, having conducted a trial, the firm was unsuccessful thanks to the complexity of the silver finish, which was created using a chlorine based silver trace.

Appreciating that this would require a high skillset to put right, the Citizen M turned to Plastic Surgeon Scotland thanks to its specialist finishing techniques, offering the firm a 3 room trial in order to demonstrate its abilities.

The job required an exact approach, with the hotel expressly requesting that the repair work went no closer than 3cm to the edge of the pods. Acknowledging the need for precision, a team of Plastic Surgeon’s Finishers used very fine 180 grit sandpaper, clearing the trace back as part of the necessary cleaning prep to ensure the surface was ready. From here, the team set about reapplying the silver trace, matching it exactly to the original silver.

The Citizen M hotel was so impressed with the results of the trial that it asked Plastic Surgeon to commit to restoring the surfaces in 130 bedrooms. This was a large undertaking and saw the hotel reserve block bookings of 21 rooms a week, where a team of 3 Plastic Surgeon Finishers would step in and complete the work at a rate of 7 pods each per day. The entire job took around 2 months to complete.

As a direct result of the work, the Citizen M chain was so impressed that it asked Plastic Surgeon to carry out a similar undertaking in one of its hotels in Rotterdam, in the Netherlands.

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