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Interior/Exterior Motorhome and Caravan Repairs

9th April 2019
Caravan worktop repair

Mobility has always been a key attribute to Plastic Surgeon’s service, with over 150 Finishers on the road, carrying out a huge variety of repairs at customer’s own premises, but one category of work which has increased greatly in recent times concerns pieces of property which are actually mobile themselves.

Caravans and motor homes regularly suffer higher levels of wear and tear compared to the average flat and house, primarily due to items within them falling or being thrown about while they are on the move; and a growing number of owners as well as specialist traders have come to realize that Plastic Surgeon is ideally equipped to deal with the damage.

Laminate wood damage in a caravanThe company actually cut its teeth in the sector by carrying out repairs to shower trays and kitchen units in the type of ‘mobile home’ that never move from holiday parks, but of late demand has been just as strong from caravan owners and the businesses which sell them. In fact one stockist in Huddersfield which deals in both new and second hand caravans and motor homes, has become a regular client.

Lowdham Leisure prides itself on ensuring every vehicle that leaves its premises is in pristine condition, and this means dealing with all the minor damage that can result from cooking pans, cans of food or other items such as ornaments falling off shelves or out of cupboards when motor homes or caravans are traveling. Even fixing fire extinguishers or first aid kits to cupboards will leave unsightly screw holes if the person removes them to put in their next purchase.

Mark Johnson, the Regional Operations Manager for Plastic Surgeon, recounts: “Saving weight is obviously a big consideration when manufacturers are designing something that is to be towed or driven on the road, and so many of the fittings in caravans and motor homes are more lightweight than you would find in a building. And unfortunately this often leads to them sustaining damage more easily.

Laminate wood damage to a caravan

Plastic Surgeon has been steadily growing its business with caravan owners and the companies that sell them.

We fill chips and dents in work panels and surfaces using our two-pack fillers, then smooth and colour match, before spraying them with a protective lacquer.

“The other problems we deal with a lot are old screw holes where something such as a fire extinguisher has been removed, and stress cracks in the shower trays. The holes we normally fill with our Coldweld Gel to build them out to within a couple of mm, before doing a ‘Smart Repair’. Then where the laminate shower tray has started to give we drill a small hole at either end to prevent it developing further, and slightly deepen the line with a Dremel to relieve the stress. Then it is filled and colour matched as normal.”

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