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Accidental damage to uPVC door repaired

9th April 2019

Prompt action by one of Plastic Surgeon’s highly trained Finishers has resolved a situation where a TV installer accidentally damaged the main entrance door to a property in Nottinghamshire.

Although the damage to the door of the family home was no more than a graze, the occupant understandably wanted it put right, and the task was duly decided to be an ideal opportunity for Plastic Surgeon to showcase its repair techniques.

Following the allocation of the task via Plastic Surgeon’s national control centre, Regional Operations Manager, Mark Johnson called the customer direct to explain the procedure likely to be employed: for although the individual concerned did not want the disruption of having the whole uPVC doorset replaced, they were also dubious about the chances of rectifying the damage.

Well experienced in working for the social housing, insurance, health and commercial sectors, it is also implicit to Plastic Surgeon’s bespoke service, that it can offer clients certainty over privacy and care for potentially vulnerable building occupants. For this reason the main office always sends out a written confirmation of a booking, quoting not just the time slot, but also a photograph and contact details for the operative who will be attending, together with their van registration number.

Mark Johnson continues the account saying: “This was a comparatively minor repair, but one that had to be handled sensitively. The TV installer had been drilling through the wall of the house from inside when his masonry bit ran along the outside face of the front door, causing a shallow score.

“Repairing dents, scratches and even twists in uPVC sections are repairs that we carry out a lot, and I was able to convince the customer on the phone that we could get their door back to its original appearance. I duly attended with the Finisher and we worked together to smooth or polish out as much of the area of damage as we could.

“Then we utilized Plastic Surgeon’s two pack fillers to build out the deeper part of the score, and smooth that back before over-coating the whole area using paint mixed on site. When we had finished the work it was virtually impossible to tell where the drill had made contact, and we left the occupier very happy about the outcome.”

Plastic Surgeon is also able to remedy damage to film coated and coloured uPVC profiles, together with dents or scratches in timber, steel, aluminium or composite doors; as well as glass and other common building substrates.

In terms of both cost effectiveness and sustainability, Plastic Surgeon’s repair service is being viewed as the preferred approach by a growing number of client sectors. On average they save £3 for every £1 spent with the company, before the labour element of replacement is taken into account, while Plastic Surgeon’s award winning VisibilITy software package reports the tonnages and value of all items that are saved from going to landfill.

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