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Burnt wood repair to kitchen cupboard

10th April 2019

As part of its national agreement with one of the country’s largest insurance companies, Plastic Surgeon was asked to visit a domestic property in Westbury where the landlord reported a small fire had damaged a kitchen cupboard unit.

The loss adjustor was uncertain as to whether the cosmetic repair specialist’s services would be capable of addressing the damage or if the entire kitchen would need to be replaced.

The challenges

Although relatively superficial damage had occurred, both a door and side panel were charred, with extensive smoke and heat damage visible. The depth to which the solid wood door and laminate carcass had been affected was initially unclear, but there was definitely no chance of replacement sections being found for the units which were thought to be in excess of 20 years old.

Furthermore, as is frequently the case with rented property, the occupant was unhappy about permitting access to contractors: requiring diplomacy on the part of Plastic Surgeon’s contract supervisors and the senior Finisher allocated to do the work.

The highlights

The tenant was provided with full information on the timing of the visit and who would be carrying out the work; including – as is part of Plastic Surgeon’s routine service – the van registration number and a photograph of the Finisher.

Arriving to schedule and assessing the damage, the Finisher decided to proceed by removing as much of the smoke deposits as possible using the proprietary cleaners which form part of their van stock; revealing the varnish was undamaged in places. He then continued by carefully rubbing down the charcoaled surface to the wood using sanding blocks, revealing the worst affected area was 1-2 mm deep.

Drawing on his skill and experience, the Finisher succeeded in restoring the overall profile to the door, though some 10 per cent of the total area remained darkened.

With the surface fully prepared a small quantity of colour was mixed to match the background colour of the wood and sprayed on using an airbrush; effectively sealing the surface. This was followed by a second base coat and then painting in the detail to the wood grain using a fine artist’s brush. Finally the entire door was given a coat of varnish to protect it as well as matching the original reflectance.

The repairs to the side panel followed the same process of cleaning, sanding and restoration of the timber effect to the laminate surface.

Key outcomes for the client

  • The delicate preparation and repainting of the kitchen cupboard unit was completed well within the day allowed for the work, to the complete satisfaction of both the occupant and the owner.
  • This avoided the considerable further disruption which would have occurred had replacement of the kitchen with contemporary units been deemed necessary; as well as the far higher cost to the insurer.
  • Plastic Surgeon achieved the quickest and most cost effective outcome, which also represented a highly sustainable solution, with no waste to landfill or replacement components being required.

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