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7th January 2021
Chapel Wharf

The Chapel Wharf project in Salford is one of the largest Private Rental Schemes (PRS) in the UK. It’s part of a major redevelopment of the area and consists of 4 apartment blocks, ranging from 11 to 23 floors in height.

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Occupying a prime location adjacent to the five star Lowry Hotel, Chapel Wharf comprises 995 apartments, arranged over four blocks of up to 22 storeys. Dandara Living is one of the UK’s leading designers, developers and operators of largescale Build-to-Rent property, delivering landmark residential developments.

As part of the wider project, and through its commitment to reducing its environmental impact and improving its landfill savings, Sir Robert McAlpine brought in Plastic Surgeon’s specialist repair skills on an ongoing basis – looking to utilise the benefits of repair over replacement throughout the course of the construction project.
Starting in November 2018, a team of Plastic Surgeon repair specialists been faced with a multitude of repair requirements, covering a diverse array of surfaces, including glass, curtain walling, internal doors, timber frames, worktops and more. The project was signed off in December 2020 with over 7,500 hours of work for Plastic Surgeon.

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Demonstrating the benefits of interweaving repair with ongoing construction, Plastic Surgeon’s specialists have been working alongside the SRM team. With the completion of each apartment, it’s inevitable that some damage occurs. Busy construction sites present countless opportunities for bumps and scrapes – something that Plastic Surgeon is well versed in rectifying.

Using Plastic Surgeon’s skillset enabled the SRM team to move onto the requirements of the next apartment, with repair specialists following up to fix any outstanding issues.

During the course of the Chapel Wharf Project, Plastic Surgeon operatives have been faced with a multitude of repair requirements, covering a diverse array of surfaces, including glass, curtain walling, internal doors, timber frames, worktops and more.

So far, this has involved over 3,500 individual window repairs, along with hundreds of repairs to panels, tiles, bricks, doors, showers and flooring.

The repairs have encompassed different damage types but the most commonly encountered have been the requirement to make good timber door and window frames (which are particularly prone to collisions during ongoing work), along with repairs to kitchen worktops and scratches on glass balconies – a recurrent feature of the development.

With apartments consisting of a variety of rooms – kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms – the diversity of Plastic Surgeon’s repair capabilities have been put to the test, while also serving to underline their benefits. The range of repair that’s achievable means SRM hasn’t needed to call in specialist trades such as plumbers, plasterers, tilers and carpenters, as Plastic Surgeon’s team encompasses skills from each of these specialisms, while also greatly reducing the need to replace damaged items.

The result has seen SRM depending on Plastic Surgeon to remedy a broad swathe of damage types – and the contractor has been very pleased with the results.

With the project now completed, it serves to highlight how repair can fit within large scale construction work during its course, rather than at the project handover stage enabling a smoother process without the requirement to take the labour force away from the construction work and employ repair experts to result in a quicker and more effective repair option.


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