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Damaged plasterwork repair at Gleneagles Hotel

Damaged plasterwork repair at Gleneagles Hotel

Damaged plasterwork repair at Gleneagles Hotel

The Gleneagles Hotel in Scotland is not only famous as the backdrop for top international golf tournaments, but also as a five star hotel with a Michelin starred restaurant. Within the main dining room of the 1920s property, however, all was not quite so perfect with a set of 12 plasterwork column casings, having suffered a catalogue of damage down the decades.

Various repairs that had been attempted had themselves taken further punishment from the movement of trolleys, chairs and other pieces of furniture. Chips, cracks and divots had all been caused then filled, and often gouged again.

So it was then that during a two week shut down for essential maintenance that the Gleneagles Hotel’s Facilities Manager called in Plastic Surgeon Scotland to effect permanent repairs to the dozen columns, prior to full redecoration.

Coordinating their efforts with other tradespeople and sometimes having to start very early in the morning to ensure the restaurant could reopen in the evenings for booked events, two of Plastic Surgeon Scotland’s most experienced Finishers spent a total of 19 days renovating the ninety year old mouldings.

While in principle the task was straightforward: in other words to make good and smooth back the ageing fibrous plasterwork; the ornate form of the columns, and the need to restrict disruption to the surroundings added extra dimensions of difficulty.

Plastic Surgeon’s Operations Manager for Scotland, takes up the account saying: “The 12 columns are all formed of two half casings, made from what appears to be plaster-of-Paris with fibre reinforcement on a metal mesh background; and they had all suffered a series of different types of damage. Probably caused by staff or customers moving chairs and tables – or other objects that have chipped and split the plaster – in some cases resulting in painters and decorators over past years forming patches up to three feet in height.

“Unfortunately these repairs had been made using basic Polyfilla type materials and they themselves had suffered further damage. Our challenge then was to remove the old repairs, without causing any further damage and to rebuild them using our Premium two pack fillers. This was done in layers for the deeper repairs, and then shaping it to match the fluted and highly decorative nature of the column casings. The Finishers achieved this to start with using filling knives and spreaders, but one of them also fashioned templates matching the lines of the columns using a cabinet-maker’s profile that is pushed against the surface to mimic it.

It was very intricate, time consuming work, and we also had to protect all of the floor around each work area because the carpet wasn’t being replaced. Happily, with a lot of careful sanding down, we managed to achieve the quality of finish the hotel’s management was seeking, and the decorators were able to gloss paint the entire columns”.

Plastic Surgeon’s teams around the country routinely repair the whole spectrum of interior surfaces including timber, laminate, PVC, aluminium and other metals as well as plaster and paintwork. Then outside the building the Stone Finishers deal with substrates such as brickwork, stucco, render and cladding, with the total weight and projected value of all materials saved from being sent to landfill being reported to the client, along with the rest of the billing information, thanks to Plastic Surgeon’s bespoke VisibilITy and other IT systems.

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