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Hotel bathroom basin repair

Hotel bathroom basin repair

Hotel bathroom basin repair

hotel bathroom repair

Described as combining modern facilities with period charm, Horwood House Hotel in Buckinghamshire is a popular conference venue and leisure destination. Like all such busy destinations the high occupancy levels result in constant wear and tear, especially on the 185 guest bedrooms, leading the newly appointed Facilities Manager to call on the services of Plastic Surgeon in order to refurbish a number of wash hand basins in the en-suite bathrooms.

The Challenges

hotel basin repair

Already confident in the capabilities of Plastic Surgeon thanks to his past experiences of the company when he worked for the Malmaison and Q Hotel chains, the Facilities Manager booked a team of Finishers to carry out work on four guest rooms a day.

All of the basins had suffered cracks or crazing of the glaze due to items being dropped on them, with one being split in two across the line of the taps. Not only was the time factor a challenge but the limited space and artificial light in the en-suite bathrooms presented logistical difficulties for the two Finishers tasked with carrying out the work.  Previous attempts by another company to remedy the problems with some of the basins had failed, and the coating applied at that time had effectively delaminated.

The Highlights

Following assessment of the work required by the Eastern Region Sales Manager, Senior Finisher Dan Boyes attended site with a colleague on the Monday morning ready to begin work on the first of the rooms to come free as they were vacated by guests.  The trainee Finisher that Dan was mentoring began the preparation jobs: carefully masking the bowl and using a specialist tool to chase out the lines of each crack and filling them with Type A Cold Weld Gel. This not only stabilizes the repair, but makes it easier to achieve a bond with the Ultra-Premium two-part filler. The area of the repairs was carefully smoothed before being treated with special porcelain primer. The entire surface of each basin was then sprayed with Plastic Surgeon’s System 20 gloss white coating, slightly tinted down to match the rest of the bathroom suite.

Despite the serious extent of the damage to the basin cracked across the holes for the taps, the Finishers managed to re-join the two pieces and achieve a surface quality which completely concealed the fault-line.

Key Outcomes for The Client

  • The Finishers managed to keep to the schedule set for them by the hotel’s Facilities Manager and all of the rooms were ready to be re-occupied within 24 hours, minimizing disruption and loss of revenue at a busy time of year.
  • Had the wash hand basins had to be replaced, it would have involved not just far greater cost, but also the potential for further making good to tiled or other surfaces surrounding them.
  • Repair represented the more sustainable alternative to replacement: avoiding the disposal of damaged basins in landfill and the consumption of raw materials as well as energy in the manufacture and installation of new ones.

The Facilities Manager for Horwood House, Mr Nigel Taylor commented: “I originally learnt about Plastic Surgeon when the literature was dropped into the Helidon Lakes Hotel where I then worked and had a number of repairs done; before using the service again at Malmaison where it was damaged shower trays which required attention. Horwood House then is the third hotel where I have called on Colin Tommins – the Regional Operations Manager – who comes out immediately to assess the scope of the work. I am really impressed with Plastic Surgeon from the point of view of quality of the work and the service. It makes it very easy for me to deal with items which have suffered damage, and I see scope here in what is a listed building, for the Finishers to work in the public spaces, such as on an original timber staircase which requires French Polishing.”



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