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Kitchen panel re-surfacing

Kitchen panel re-surfacing

Kitchen panel re-surfacing

As part of its national agreement with one of the UK’s largest providers of home insurance, Plastic Surgeon was given the task of over-coating the new end panels and plinths which had been retrofitted to the kitchen units of a large residence near Colchester; following flood damage and the building contractor being unable to obtain a matching finish for a discontinued range.

The Challenges

kitchen panel respray

The building contractor had already left site when the job was allocated to Plastic Surgeon via its national call centre, with the property owner far from happy with the building contractor’s solution, as the maple coloured laminate panels in no way matched the appearance of the existing kitchen. Furthermore she was far from convinced they could be made to look identical.

With the property occupied and, unusually, it not being possible to demount the plinths, Plastic Surgeon’s Finisher was compelled to carry out all of the preparation and re-spraying in-situ. And with no specification known for the original kitchen units, the colour had to be matched by eye using basic pigments.

The Highlights

The property owner was sent full details of the appointment time and the Finisher tasked with completing the work – including his mobile number and van registration – to reassure her regarding security.

Having arrived on time the Finisher used Plastic Surgeon’s System 200 tints to mix half a litre of colour and applied a small sample patch to confirm the colour match was accurate.  Then with all the surfaces cleaned and a special primer applied to ensure a good bond, he began spraying the end panels and section of plinth.  The job was completed in under six hours, well within the one day quoted to the client.

Key Outcomes for The Client

  • The insurer had not wished to install an entire new kitchen due to its size and high specification – making replacement of the flood damaged sections the only alternative. However, with the building contractor unable to find matching panels the company was faced with the possibility of its client not accepting the outcome.
  • The result of Plastic Surgeon’s intervention saw the property owner both content with the appearance of her repaired kitchen and delighted at the very minor additional disruption involved by the Finisher’s activities, and the fact everything was left spotlessly clean.
  • The overall cost of the repairs was far less than the potential price of a brand new kitchen with worktops and fitted appliances, while the time taken was shorter and the environmental cost of scrapping the old one avoided.

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