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Metal cladding repair at new BP Castrol Centre

Metal cladding repair at new BP Castrol Centre

Metal cladding repair at new BP Castrol Centre

The UK’s only national cosmetic repair specialist has been involved in carrying out remedial repair work to the metal cladding and exterior doors around the new BP Castrol Technology Centre, located at Pangborne, after the main contractor for the project discovered that the protective film covering them had bizarrely left a residue, causing discolouration to dozens of them.

Having already called on the services of Plastic Surgeon to assist with the repair of old dormer windows on a refurbishment contract in London, Faithdean had no hesitation regarding asking for the help of the company’s Finishers again to get the building ready for handover.

Initially, Plastic Surgeon’s Southern Region Operations Manager, Rob Townsend thought it might be possible to polish out the blemishes, as has been successfully done with metalwork and other building substrates in the past, but the staining had gone too deep. Repainting the various sizes of panels to match was the only alternative.

Rob Townsend recounts: “Faithdean knew all about our capabilities from a big refurbishment contract the company did in Kingston-upon-Thames where there were some 50 GRP roof dormers on an office building that had become badly weathered and cracked. We had three Finishers there for a total of 12 days, repairing and recolouring them.

“The Science Centre building is clad with different sizes of green aluminium panels – ranging from six metres long by 1.5 metres high, to some that are a metre and a half square, We did try to polish out the residue with one of the polishing machines the vans carry, but you could still see a faint mark when we had finished; so it was decided we would respray the entire panels in the original RAL colour which the client ordered in for us.

“Therefore, after cleaning and some other minor preparation of the surfaces, and masking off the surrounding areas, our Finishers resprayed them using the HVLP (High Volume, Low Pressure) gun that one of them was equipped with. Then for the doors there were also some minor scratches and dents to deal with before they were sprayed. It all went very smoothly with two men completing the work in a week.”

So two very different challenges for Plastic Surgeon showing the specialist’s capabilities in both the snagging work which precedes the handover of every new-build project in the construction or building industry; and detailed repair work where time has taken its toll on an old property. And with the Finishers’ work saving clients an average of £300 for every £100 charged, it is evident why Plastic Surgeon continues to win new business across an ever widening market.

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