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Water stained timber repair

Water stained timber repair

Water stained timber repair

As a result of its long term relationship with a national building company, Plastic Surgeon was called in to assist in the cosmetic repair of windows and doors at a sports science stained beamscollege, where sub-contractors had caused extensive though superficial damage. Once on site the firm’s Finishers were also asked to carry out a demonstration to remove water staining marks on the large glue-laminated beams that form an integral part of the building; resulting in Plastic Surgeon’s involvement being extended to over 600 hours of work.

The Challenges

With this project running behind schedule, the main contractor was anxious to not only achieve handover, but to do so while incurring the minimum possible additional costs or penalties.

Removing and erecting new laminated timber trusses and beams right across the entrance lobby and staff rooms would have been impossible without dismantling the entire roof structures to these areas.

The Highlights

Over a five week period between two and four of Plastic Surgeon’s Finishers were on site continuously, coordinating their efforts with the client and its other trades contractors involved on remedial works.

Following a full risk assessment and agreement of a method statement, two tower scaffolds were erected to provide safe access to the laminated timber trusses so that the Finishers could begin the lengthy preparation process necessary. This involved rubbing down the varnished timber using electric sanders; with some filling and hand finishing required where physical damage was discovered. The typical sections addressed were 300 x 150 mm and up to ten metres in length.

Then with all visible effects of the trusses’ exposure to the elements removed, the client and architect approved the Yew colour option from Plastic Surgeon’s System 40 range of tints water stain repairas offering an ideal match for the original appearance intended. This was applied to the prepared timber by hand, using a variety of cloths and brushes. By this means all of the beams in the entrance lobby and staff room were eventually restored to the desired standard.

Half dozen steel exit doors and 60 timber windows were also damaged and cosmetic repair offered a more attractive remedy, compared to the huge financial and logistical cost of replacement. The doors and the faces of the timber windows were meticulously rubbed down by hand and any depth of damage filled using Plastic Surgeon’s two-part Ultra-Premium filler. Further smoothing was followed by them all being re-sprayed using the System 200 paints in a matching shade, followed by a lacquer finishing coat to give the repair long term protection.

Finally, a number of IPS panels in the washrooms and changing rooms had chips and scratches repaired using a similar process.

Key Outcomes for The Client

  • This was a very sensitive project for all parties involved, given the scale and the time over-runs, with relationships already strained. Plastic Surgeon’s intervention offered a viable solution, for the first time, to the problem of water staining to the high-value, virtually irreplaceable elements of the roof structure.
  • Plastic Surgeon’s Finishers managed to achieve an outcome which was acceptable to not only its client, but the project consultants and college authorities.
  • The five week contract helped accelerate the final handover while limiting further cost for the client, and avoided the environmental impact of replacement and disposal for the damaged items.

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