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Victorian tile repair

Victorian tile repair

Victorian tile repair

Victorian tile repair and restoration is a growing area of our business, as more and more people seek to preserve the distinctive patterns and incorporate them into both new build and refurbishment projects.

This Victorian tile repair at a top hotel in London is typical of the sort of repair work that we do on damaged tiles throughout the UK.

We use different products for repairing older tiles than we do for modern ones, as older tiles tend to be softer and crumbly. The gels used for modern tile repair are very hard and tough and though ideally suited for flooring and wall tile repair, can be a little too hard for older tiles.

Usually the damage will be masked out to keep the repair as localised as possible, then repaired and abraded, followed by the application of the fine pattern detail with fine brushes. We would then spray apply a clear protective coating to seal in and protect the repair. This is not always possible, so in some circumstances, particularly on flooring or in high traffic areas we might chose to add a colour to the gel during the repair stage. This coloured gel would then, after sanding, be polished to a gloss.

Stone and marble floor tiles are repaired in a similar way but will not usually have the clear protective coating sprayed. Often, stains and scratches can be polished out then ‘sealed’ with a suitable sealer to provide protection and a glaze.

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