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Are you cracking up? Potholes in properties

Are you cracking up? Potholes in properties

Despite what motorists (and their vehicles’ suspension  systems) have had to put up with since last winter’s snow and ice, it is in fact not only our roads that develop potholes as a result of freeze-thaw cycles.

The UK’s buildings are also subject to the forces exerted by water as it forms ice crystals and expands: leading to spalled stonework or bricks losing their faces, blown render and other defects in masonry. In response to such temperature or weather related damage, Plastic Surgeon’s research and development team has come up with a variety of renovation techniques to successfully effect masonry repairs, both in-situ –  or as is occasionally necessary – with features such as balustrades dismantled.

Finishers from our repair teams around the country will attend site to assess the extent of the damage and select the appropriate intervention.  Normally they will be able to address a number of affected areas during the day or half day, and return the surface of the brickwork, stonework, or other masonry substrate to pristine condition again. For some jobs the Finisher involved may use exterior grade fillers to rebuild the level of the surface before rubbing down and then colour matching the repair.

For larger areas they might employ special repair mortars, while Plastic Surgeon has also developed the Screedcoat system which can be used to treat large sections of stonework or brickwork where damage has occurred; or there is an issue with colour consistency. On one recent contract, Plastic Surgeon was called in by the main contractor involved in converting an old property on Eastbourne’s seafront into a new venue for Travelodge, where the Finishers were tasked with restoring a stone balustrade which had suffered extreme erosion due to frost and other weathering effects. With no time to commission the production of moulds to replicate the sweeping curves of the individual balusters, the Finishers set to recreating the original form by hand in a process close to sculpture. Using Plastic Surgeon’s acrylic modified cementitious exterior mortar, the operatives built the profile back up in a series of thin layers, before smoothing and repainting them. Then in bringing the long neglected Risca Palace Cinema in South Wales back into use, two of Plastic Surgeon’s most experienced Finishers employed the Screedcoat system to repair the entire main elevation, including areas of ornate stonework. Working from scaffolding, the Finishers applied the over-coating product with great care to not only achieve the required accuracy in the detailing, but also to ensure there were no ‘day-joints’ formed in the  bright blue finish. The old cinema is now back in use housing a library and other community facilities. Plastic Surgeon can restore almost any damaged interior or exterior surface in commercial or residential buildings. Thanks to specialist training the company’s finishers are expert in repairing and fine finishing practically any material including;


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