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Attention to detail and the mother of immovable deadlines

Attention to detail and the mother of immovable deadlines

With 2,818 flats being got ready to accommodate 16,000 athletes and officials from 200 countries – including ‘snagging’ all those little chips, scratches and other pieces of damage – the Olympic organizers are going to have pay close attention to detail, as well as deal with the big numbers: which is where Plastic Surgeon can lend a hand.

They will need 64,000 bed sheets, 11,000 sofas, 170,000 coat hangers and 5,000 toilet brushes. while 60,000 meals will be served at the village daily; meaning during the course of the event 25,000 loaves of bread and 232 tonnes of spuds will be eaten …

Which begs the question how these figures can be calculated so precisely? How can they be sure they’re going to get through 330 tonnes of fruit and veg or 75,000 litres of milk during proceedings? Not because many of the nationalities competing are lactose intolerant, but more due to the fact they have been so wrong about the costings from the start.

How they arrive at these figures is beyond me – but what I do know is how we at Plastic Surgeon manage to be so precise with our stats.

VisibilITy – as the capitals I and T suggest, is a computer software programme we developed to help our clients plan and forecast their fine finishing requirements, as well as report on existing projects. The free on-line service also provides real time, accurate data and analysis of all snagging or repair work being undertaken.

Plastic Surgeon’s Finishers collect detailed information about each repair they do out in the field – using their bespoke hand-held computers – which is then fed into VisibilITy upon completion of the job. This data is automatically processed to update each customer’s individual computer record back at the company headquarters.

And it is thanks to the data collected by VisibilITy that we can share with you some of our ‘numbers’ – in 2011, we saved 83,529 individual items and carried out 279,274 separate repairs, thus saving 2,253 tonnes of waste from going to landfill.

We repaired 15,949 internal doors, 6,600 worktops, 741 pillars and 3,700 cupboards, as well as 2,081 basins, 4,401 baths and 4,999 cills. This was while working for a wide cross-section of customers including major construction companies, sub-contractors, national house-builders, facilities managers, universities, hospitals, councils and even the MoD, as well as individual home-owners or their insurance companies.

Returning to the Olympics, London 2012 chief executive, Paul Deighton, said the next six months would be all about “attention to detail, because 27 July is the mother of all immovable deadlines”.

Well, our repair skills are most definitely about attention to detail – which is why we can help our clients meet their deadlines too; while to repair rather than replace is quicker, cheaper and sustainable.

Think about it, one of our best medal prospects, Tom Daly has just pulled out of a competition because he’s damaged a thumb. What is the British diving team going to do? Help him get over the injury, or put him in a skip?

Plastic Surgeon can restore almost any damaged interior or exterior surface in commercial or residential buildings. Thanks to specialist training the company’s Finishers are expert in repairing and fine finishing practically any material including;

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