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Boys from the Black Stuff

Boys from the Black Stuff

During a recent presentation to a major contractor, our Managing Director, Rob Mouser was asked whether we could patch tarmac.  Well I am sorry to report that while we have a repair strategy for virtually every type of building substrate from natural sandstone and marble, through to laminate work-surfaces and or chipped bathroom suites, we choose to leave road-mending to Yosser Hughes and the rest of “The Boys from the Black Stuff”.

In fact over the years, our Finishers have made good different degrees of damage in virtually every other surface you might walk on including stone flags, terrazzo and some very nice brick pavers, where the electrician had got carried away and drilled a lot of holes for garden uplighters in completely the wrong place.

Then inside properties our operatives are regularly called upon to repair wood and laminate flooring, tiles and even travertine; for the most part dealing with scratches of varying depth that have been caused when people move furniture, or another tradesman has dragged something heavy like a toolbox.

In most cases, thanks to the intensive training they have received from Plastic Surgeon, our Finishers are able to bring the damage back level using a build-up of our special two pack fillers and then rub them smooth so that the surface profile is restored. Next then the repair is colour matched with its background.

In the case of hardwood flooring or a wood laminate product, this requires them to mix a number of colours and then paint the grain pattern in with a fine brush. One or more coats of lacquer will also be applied to ensure the intervention lasts as long as the surrounding area. Random or geometric patterns in tiles and the lustrous swirls in marble are also replicated through the Finishers’ skill.

One of the biggest jobs Plastic Surgeon has tackled during recent times – in terms of area – was the restoration of two large floating wood floors within the new Chichester museum that has been built to make old Roman ruins accessible to the public.  And then in one of London’s most fashionable leisure destinations, one of our specially trained Finishers made use of the unique glass polishing techniques we have developed to take some unsightly scratches out of the treads to a toughened glass staircase.

As with all of the work we at Plastic Surgeon carry out, the ethos of “repair rather than replace” almost always presents the most economic and sustainable solution. Which is why our clients call us in to repair kitchens, bathroom suites, doors, windows, cladding, fascia boards and of course, flooring.

Gizza job! 

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