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What can insurers learn from the construction industry?

With over twenty years experience working in the construction and house build sectors, we investigate what lessons insurers can take onboard

What can insurers learn from the construction industry?

What can insurers learn from the construction industry?

We are proud of our construction background, established in 1995 we have dominated the construction and house build industry over the past 20 years. Nearly every main contractor and housebuilder in the UK has used Plastic Surgeon on their construction sites at one time to repair damaged doors, windows, plastics or cladding – the list is endless.

Plastic Surgeon finisherTaking a repair-first approach

Using a repair-first approach is a given in the construction industry. They target not only quality but also environmental savings, ensuring that they always try to repair damage before considering ripping items out and creating unnecessary waste.

Embracing repairs to reduce costs

Plastic Surgeon has operated in the insurance industry for many years, and we have enjoyed great success, working with insurers to lower claim lifecycles and reduce costs. However, the sector does still not apply the same rules as the construction industry in terms of a repair approach to all of their claims.

Chris Edwards joined the business in 2016, with a wealth of experience in insurance having worked at AXA for many years.

Chris explains: “As the insurance market is highly regulated it can be quite a challenge to change processes. Insurers want to save costs and improve the customer experience, but they must be convinced that this will indeed be the case.

“It has been fantastic for me over the past 18 months to watch insurers realise the value in what we do. Through pilot schemes, we are helping them to change their approach from replacement to restoration, demonstrating to them how this not only reduces greatly their overall costs but increases customer satisfaction and lessens our impact on the environment tremendously.”

Changing perceptions

Concerns are always raised by insurers about customer perception, and how customers would prefer to have their items replaced rather than repaired. On construction and house build sites, the majority of our work is completed before the homeowners move in and they would never even know that the item had been repaired but it’s always

As such, in the insurance market its about educating customers about the huge benefits of restoration over replacement: the reduction in time taken – the majority of repairs take just a few hours compared to weeks when replacing items; the ease – finishers work evenings and weekends to fit in with customers lifestyle and really importantly the reduced impact on the environment.

Chris adds: “In our experience customers welcome the quicker approach to restoration, getting them back to pre-loss condition in many cases on the same day.

“We have also been able to educate insurers about not just the tremendous value that a restoration approach achieves, but just how many items can be repaired.”

Evidence based approach

In a recent report issued by Plastic Surgeon for a leading insurer we reported that only 16% of the UPVC claims received were irreparable. See our latest infographic to discover the real-terms impact of a repair-first approach.

Chris says: “To assist insurers further in assessing claims, we now act in a triage capacity working with loss adjusters to assess what damage is repairable and what needs to be replaced. Using this method insurers can ensure, with complete confidence that they are following a repair first approach to claims, but no time, or cost is wasted by the experts assessing the damage at the very first notification of the claim.

The construction industry has been utilising our knowledge and triage capabilities to drive down the number of replacements they complete for a very long time, a method that enables them to keep costs down in a highly competitive market – ring any bells? Although the insurance sector is on the way, there are certainly several lessons to be learnt from the construction industry.

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