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Problem solving repairs

Problem solving repairs

Financial pressures are seeing the roll of middle site management subtly changing from simply trying to deliver projects on schedule and to a standard; instead they are being asked to take far more responsibility for cutting expenditure. This means not simply contesting whether specific tasks constitute an extra – AKA a ‘variation order’ – but is actually changing the job of, say, the finishing foreman into more that of a quantity surveyor. In the more extreme cases we have been involved with, the developer or main contractor has appeared to be using its site management staff to delay sign off, and even final handover, while a purchaser is found for the building.

One of the big positives for Plastic Surgeon is that on almost every site that we visit, our intervention is viewed by everyone involved as solving a problem. In other words, our Finishers are carrying out repairs more quickly and more cost effectively than other tradespeople could. And often our repair techniques are the only alternative that can save the client the cost of total replacement.

For these reasons, then, Plastic Surgeon is not merely offering the simplest means of dealing with ‘snagging’ issues, but is actively helping with dispute resolutions, and speeding the release of that all-important final payment.  And this is why the data we compile via the Finishers’ hand-held computers reveals that for every £1 we invoice, customers save approximately £3 on material cost alone. Depending on the individual site situation and the number of tradesmen who might be involved in the replacement of a component, this figure can rise considerably.

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