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Plastic Surgeon finalist in Construction News Awards

Plastic Surgeon finalist in Construction News Awards

The national surface finishing professionals and experts in material and building product repairs such as – Plastic and GRP, Woods and Veneers, Stone and Brick, Ceramics and Enamel, Glass and Glazing, Metals and Foils, and other surfaces is pleased to announce the shortlisting as a finalist under the category of ‘Best use of Technology’ for their reporting software system – VisibilITy.

The reporting system was launched in 2010 and was created to help customers plan and budget for repair requirements on future building projects, as well as report on existing projects. It is an online service that provides real-time data and analysis of repairs undertaken upon customer projects.

The customer facing VisibilITy system is the outcome of many internal systems functioning together to produce a result that provides real benefit to the customer in terms of service levels, response times, data accuracy and invaluable cost and waste savings.

Managing Director, Rob Mouser said: “The success of the project has come from our desire to have an entirely paperless order process. From the moment the customer places an order with the customer services team the digital process begins. Once placed, the order is instantly dispatched via Plastic Surgeon’s bespoke Mobile Finisher software directly to the handset of the finisher who has been assigned the work. The software contains all the details a finisher needs to complete the work. He went on to say: “Not only does this software greatly improve the company’s response time but also improves its data accuracy. Any updates on the progress of an order are instantly fed back into the head office systems within minutes. We are thrilled to be selected as a finalist at the prestigious Construction News Awards.”

The most recent release of Mobile Finisher not only allows all the field staff to record detailed repair information but also to take ‘before and after’ pictures of their cost saving repairs. The ‘before and after pictures’ are automatically sent back to head office over the mobile phone network and can be included on the work completion record which all customers receive on completion of the job. Mobile Finisher is an application created in house for the exclusive use of Plastic Surgeon’s finishers.

The real benefit from VisibilITy comes though in the form of cost saving analysis. The system allows the customer to eliminate waste by identifying and controlling the causes. Customers can also identify just how many worktops or baths have been saved from reaching a skip. When cross referenced with a customer’s own material costs the total savings should be obvious. Once the additional labour costs involved in replacing a damaged item, along with the inevitable disruption on site, have been factored in, the choice of repair over replacement can be easily made. Through the use of its VisibilITy technology, Plastic Surgeon can help its clients to reduce their landfill bills, by demonstrating the savings achieved by repairing rather than replacing items.


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