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Perspex and IPS repair

Perspex and IPS repair

A new process recently developed is a bespoke process for repairing Perspex. Perspex can be repaired very successfully but requires a very precise set of abrasive compounds that gently polish the surface. Application is by bespoke mops made up of pure cotton, especially designed for the purpose. Most importantly the polishing process must be very carefully controlled as too much build up of heat resulting from the polishing process will cause the Perspex to distort or melt. With smaller or intricate items the only real option is to polish by hand to ensure exact control of the polishing process.

This new technique was put to good use at Strathclyde University’s Biomedical building, where vandals had gouged scratches into Perspex vision panels in new high performance composite doors. Using the new process, the scratched Perspex was fully repaired. O’Neill Interiors Iain McCallum comments: “It took the Fine Finisher less than two days to complete the work and everyone, including BAM Construction and the University is completely happy with the way the doors now look. It has saved in the region of £4,000 for their replacement, plus the delay there would have been in re-ordering which could have run to weeks.”

IPS ducting panels

IPS ducting panels are increasingly popular in builds. These are practical close-fitting and tailor-made panels, mainly used to finish washroom walls.

Available in MFC, HPL, SGL or real wood veneer they are often used full height floor to ceiling, to conceal pipe-work and services and give a smooth flush finish. When damage occurs to these panels, it is costly and time consuming to rip them out, often requiring the removal of perfectly good panels that are closly butted together. Plastic Surgeon’s new technique for fine finishing IPS ducting panels means that a damaged panel can now be restored in-situ, with minimal disruption and cost.

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