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Damaged building repairs for community & amenity

Damaged building repairs for community & amenity

The repairs we undertake to damaged building components at Plastic Surgeon are not just for clients such as housebuilders, schools, retail outlets and commercial premises.  We are increasingly being called out to community and amenity projects, where our interventions can make a real difference to the surroundings enjoyed, and that are taken for granted, by hundreds of people on a daily basis.

For example, we recently worked at a world famous London museum for specialist refurbishment and fit out company, WFC, which faced a serious logistical problem when several new hardwood benches it had fitted began to warp and split due to the tightly controlled humidity levels in the building.

Our Finishers were able to affect a series of colour matched repairs to smooth and protect the benches, all within a single overnight period, thus avoiding the need to physically remove and then replace the benches – with all the hassle and disruption this would have caused.

WFC’s director, Phil Waggett, said: “Plastic Surgeon has materials and techniques which are not available to us, and can actually enable a repair to be carried out where replacement would otherwise be the only option. The standard of workmanship as well as service is very high.”

We have also been involved on a very different specialist repair job, which was on the Weston-super-mare pier following rebuilding after a catastrophic fire.  Our operatives were tasked with snagging a wide variety of building components, ranging from the removal of scratches in inner and outer frames on aluminium windows, to repairing joints on the main bar counter – here we filled, then smoothed and colour-matched, unsightly gaps in the mitres and other joints around the long, L-shaped MDF surface.

Our managing director, Rob Mouser, reflected on the pier contract saying: “As is often the case, the site agent had not worked with us before and was amazed at what we can achieve.  From the bar to the hardwood joinery and other fittings, we dealt with scratches on all sorts of surfaces.  He was very impressed and it was definitely what was required to get the job finished.”

So what looks like such relatively ‘minor’ intervention from Plastic Surgeon – that is, repairing rather than the mammoth job of replacing a damaged bench, window or bar top – can make a real difference to our everyday surroundings, ensuring they remain aesthetically pleasing to literally hundreds of people in the community.

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