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Don’t skip it, fix it!

Don’t skip it, fix it!

At Plastic Surgeon, we pride ourselves on the environmental impact our repair work is having on the planet, especially when you consider the WWF’s declaration that, if everyone in the world lived as we do in Western society, we would need three planets to sustain us.

This horrifying fact should alarm all of us: the human population is continuing to grow; and in the UK alone, it won’t be long before there are 70 million of us, spewing out the material waste that the simple act of just living requires; made more onerous by the density to which this small island is developed.

That waste has to go somewhere, with landfill being the obvious solution for materials that can’t be recycled. So, we are doing our bit for the world, our cosmetic repairs to construction materials helping to minimize waste, reduce the strain on landfill sites and, additionally, cut carbon emissions – as more energy is used to produce a replacement door than to repair an existing one. Taking into account the manufacturing processes, transportation, and then its eventual disposal, replacement is just a disaster.

So our motto or ethos is ‘don’t skip it, fix it.’ Last year alone, we saved 15949 internal and 7407 external doors from being skipped, as well as 9728 windows, 6600 worktops and 4999 cills. 4427 fascias were repaired, as were 4401 baths, 3700 cupboards and 3411 cupboard doors. We can be so exact about the figures thanks to our unique VisibilITy software, which translates our repair specialists’ computerised job reports into hard figures and values.

We also saved 3373 stone cills and 2018 basins from being scrapped – all these repairs were undertaken on individual properties, large housing developments and even football stadiums and cruise liners, as well as hotels, shops, MOD sites, student accommodation and swimming pools.

One of our largest cosmetic repair projects to-date has been the new Mann Island development in Liverpool. This was a £16.8 M design and build by BAM Construction, one of our regular customers.

Plastic Surgeon was awarded a £250K contract to provide repair and fine finishing services across apartment blocks, retail spaces, restaurants and offices. The repairs included damaged work surfaces, tiles, bathroom fittings, door-frames and granite interior cladding. We also repaired hundreds of floor level metal window frames, that had been badly scratched during the build, far more effectively than the paint spraying company originally engaged to do the work.

During the project, Plastic Surgeon helped BAM achieve its goal of halving waste to landfill, by using our VisibilITy reporting system to demonstrate how much potential construction waste had been saved from disposal through repair. As of July 2011, BAM’s management can demonstrate that by using Plastic Surgeon, it has saved 54.7 tonnes of building components from becoming waste.

Worryingly, according to WRAP, the construction industry is responsible for 120 million tonnes of demolition, excavation and building waste every year – around one third of all waste in the UK. Last year, we at Plastic Surgeon saved a substantial 2,253 tonnes from going to landfill.

Importantly, we are audited under the ISO:14001 environmental management system and ISO:9001 quality management system, by a UKAS accredited certification body, SGS United Kingdom Limited. This isn’t just a matter of “Walking the walk” potential clients across the industry need to be confident that they are dealing with responsible service providers in order to demonstrate they have exercised their own duty of care: in their contracts and for the planet.

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