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Five get finishing in Devon

Five get finishing in Devon

Five get finishing in Devon

Plastic Surgeon has taken on a new quintet of trainee Finishers who are currently half way through their specialist repair training course at our UK headquarters in the beautiful Devon town of Bovey Tracey. This boosts the total number of operatives we have out on the road to 95.

The five lads come from across the country and will begin their careers working with three of Plastic Surgeon’s seven regions. Interestingly, while they have had fairly different job experiences in the past, they all have one thing in common.

The induction course, run by Training Manager Ian Richards, takes two weeks during which time they are all accommodated at the Cromwell Arms, a stunning country pub popular with tourists walking on Dartmoor.

The first hurdle for all of them is a colour perception test which tells us whether they have the correct collection of rods and cones to enable them to match and mix colours by eye. After which they learn that preparation is just as important as a steady hand with the paint brush or spray gun.

One of the trainees – Chris from Cornwall who will take up a post with our South-west Region – had actually worked with sister company TPS on automotive spraying, before a spell as a plumber; so some of the groundwork will be familiar to him.

Ash, 35, who calls Welwyn Garden City home, had spent five years working as a financial advisor before spotting our advert on-line, while 33 year old Kevin who is a Mancunian, but now lives in Andover, Hampshire, had been working at the Middle Wallop military base prior to signing up with Plastic Surgeon.

Steve 33 and Jake 26 both live in London, and join our recently formed and rapidly expanding London team. As a one-time carpenter and roofer, Steve obviously has a head for heights which could come in useful: our teams often having to make use of cherry pickers or even specially adapted crane buckets to get access to some of the more challenging cladding or roofline jobs.

It was Jake, though who got the group animated about their new challenge when he revealed the real reason he had resigned from a steady job servicing vending machines within the London offices for one of the world’s biggest oil companies. “I just knew that every day was going to be the same as the one before. There was just no variety which is why I find the idea of working with Plastic Surgeon so exciting,” he said. And Steve recounted that, similarly: “The unique skill set and detail work,” offered by Plastic Surgeon was what appealed to him.

Ash’s take on this theme was that working in banking was not as stimulating as the “Hands on” operations offered by servicing our diverse client base. Kevin for his part said that when he spotted the opportunity advertised on the Job Centre website it had really stood out for him as being different to anything else on offer.

So there you have it, Plastic Surgeon is not only responsible for cutting waste and conserving natural resources through our cosmetic repair service, it’s also good for the soul. So while our new SOS – Save Our Surfaces campaign which we launched at Ecobuild in March is focused on sustainability, perhaps the people who are looking to join the ranks of our Finishers, would rather refer to it as “Save Our Souls”.

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