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Flushed with repair success

Flushed with repair success

Businesses measure customer satisfaction using many different yardsticks – Key Performance Indicators in management speak – and although we are not shy at Plastic Surgeon about producing statistics, the best assessment of our repair service often comes in the form of people’s personal tributes regarding what our Finishers have achieved. This was certainly the case where our Training Manager, Ian Richards got involved in the tricky case of a smashed cistern lid.

Now surface repairs to ceramics and other common building substrates are what our Finishers are taught from day one, but sometimes the damage can appear so severe that trying to rectify the problem just doesn’t seem economically viable; or there is a danger that the remaining sections cannot be stabilised sufficiently for the to survive every day wear and tear.

However, the customer with the broken cistern lid had already scoured all the bathroom stockists in his area, followed by the Internet, in a vain attempt to find a replacement for the pale grey/green piece of ceramic. They were not just out of fashion but out of production, and he was facing the hugely expensive prospect of having to replace not just the toilet with is close-coupled cistern, but the whole bathroom suite. Repair was therefore the only option.

Fortunately, Plastic Surgeon is constantly researching and trialling new products and repair methods in order to improve our service, and Ian found time between his training commitments to put his expertise to work on this particular challenge.

The heavy lid had not only broken into two pieces, but there was substantial damage to the corner where it had hit the hard floor, with other pieces of the glaze having spalled off along the length of the upper surface to the crack.

Having checked the fit for the two pieces, Ian cleaned the surfaces and used a small multi-tool with a diamond cutter to bevel the edges to the crack, and then create transverse grooves to help strengthen the repair

A light coat of Cold Weld gel was applied to the face and activated to provide an initial ‘grab’ before Ian used our new System 300 that not only achieves a very high bond strength, but also offered good filling properties along the bevel and transverse grooves.

More Cold Weld and our Ultra Premium filler were then used to complete the restoration of the surface, including the badly chipped corner, before the whole repair was concealed by spraying several coats of paint which Ian had colour matched by eye.

The customer here then was not merely “satisfied” but hugely delighted and relieved that breaking a cistern lid was no longer going to cause him huge expense and disruption in having to get a plumber to replace the entire suite. Which would of course have also involved having to retile and redecorate the bathroom, and possibly even lay a new floor-covering .

So the next time you see the stat’s from our VisibilITy software, relating how many thousands of baths, basins, shower trays and WCs we have saved from going to landfill, just think how much consequential replacement and aggravation has been avoided by the initial repair work.

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