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For every door that closes, another gets wrecked by a wheelbarrow

For every door that closes, another gets wrecked by a wheelbarrow

From January to May this year, we at Plastic Surgeon have, through our repair rather than replace ethos, saved over 900 tonnes of building components from being condemned to landfill – if you want to try and visualize this, it is the equivalent weight of 1,875,000 empty wine bottles, or some 500 family saloons.

For those who prefer a construction bent, that equals 56,250 wheelbarrows.

Snagging is an important part of our work, which we undertake in both new build and refurbishment situations. It is almost inevitable that accidental damage happens on building sites, as we are, let’s face it, just human beings, not robots. Whether the damage comes from a tradesman carelessly cutting or drilling something on a new kitchen worktop and marking it, or a bricky trying to get a laden wheelbarrow through a recently hung door, knocks, dents and scratches do occur. Which is why our Finishers are on call to put things right, and save them from being replaced. However, our services extend far beyond the repair itself …..

Through the data recorded on our Finishers’ hand held computers – also known as Mobile Finishers – our unique VisibilITy software enables our clients to exactly map the amount and type of waste that our repair service saves them from having to skip. The pinpoint, accurate data produced then allows them to provide evidence to their customers or the Government, through the statistics produced, of sustainable practice. Which is very much required these days, if one is to notch up those elusive points to meet the Code for Sustainable Homes initiative, or obtain contracts from public sector bodies. The latter, especially the social housing sector, being famously diligent with regards to sustainability being incorporated into the build process – and rightly so.

To break it down, the most popular items our sustainable repair work over the last five months has saved from going to landfill are:


While the most common materials so far this year are:


Beyond this we are also able to save scratched glass, through a specially developed polishing technique, while our brick tinting process has dealt with countless situations where brickwork has been stained or those involved have failed to blend various batches and ended up with monotone patches appearing across the elevations. Then our cleaning formulation for dealing with graffiti removing paint or marker pen ‘tags’ is also proving popular among our clients.

Sustainability, as can be seen, is at the very core of the service we provide – because to repair rather than replace can be nothing other than environmentally friendly. So until they invent a wheel barrow with airbags on every corner, this blogger is certain you can rely on Plastic Surgeon to sort the dents out in doors and all the other things they damage.

Plastic Surgeon can restore almost any damaged interior or exterior surface in commercial or residential buildings. Thanks to specialist training the company’s finishers are expert in repairing and fine finishing practically any material including;

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