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From cave man to man caves

From cave man to man caves

From cave man to man caves

Seasoned traveller, wit, raconteur, bon vivant and Man Cave aficionado, Max Davidson, has bought to the attention of your blogger that there is a whole industry out there just ripe for the picking – or in our case at Plastic Surgeon, ripe for as and when required.

Mr Davidson pointed out in the Telegraph recently, “ Whether it’s the shed, the garage or the attic, the male of the species needs his own space.” Indeed, the proof is in the pudding, as they say, with the rich and famous illustrating perfectly the male of the species’ need for that man space: “When Elvis Presley wanted to chill out with his friends at Graceland, it was never in one of the vast reception rooms.

“No, when the gang sat down for an evening of fun, it was in a cosy den in the basement of his Memphis mansion. Replete with big black sofas, comfy yellow cushions and a bank of television screens. The room was a perfect example of a ‘man cave’”.

And just like Elvis, men on both sides of the Atlantic are increasingly finding ways to unwind in their own private spaces at home. Male visitors to Brad Pitt’s former home in Malibu, which was sold last year, were entertained in a room that featured a Wurlitzer jukebox, flat-screen television screens and Harley Davidson motorbike wheels. Not forgetting the “kegerator” — a refrigerator big enough to chill beer kegs. Pitt had spent a reported £150,000 furnishing the room.

Johnny Depp is another confirmed caveman. His man cave in Paris is filled with guitars and cases of wine from the south of France.

To be the owner of a Man Cave is a sign that you have arrived. If you are an Alpha Male, it is not enough to bag a trophy wife, buy a multi-million pound property and keep a Ferrari or three on the drive. You need a private male refuge: an inner sanctum, distinct from your place of work and from family life.

And the manlier your cave, the better. You can even get inspiration on; while we are always here to help keep the place up to spec. So if the pool table has a gouge in the wood veneer, or the sleek looking surround sound system/TV has a scratch marring its perfection, then our Finishers can put it right.

Somewhere during our restoration work for shops, schools, hotels, nightclubs and top sporting teams, we have repaired all the things that might appear in a Man Cave, from fridges, bars and trophy cabinets to the actual walls, floors and doors. In houses, flats, attics, basements, sheds and caravans – or even on board ship – wherever that Man Cave is, we can help keep it the perfect sanctuary from the womenfolk and children; that shrine to beer, sports and everything else that makes the male world go round… achieving the right look, at a fraction of the cost for replacement.


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