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Christmas a peak time for damage

Christmas a peak time for damage

Christmas a peak time for damage

Boxing Day for many people involves sporting events and other activities they hope will help them get over the feeling of being bloated or jaded from the excesses of the Christmas dinner; though for ourselves at Plastic Surgeon, being specialists in the damage repair of all things to do with the home and office environment, it means we can start anticipating all the calls regarding those little accidents which tend to occur around the festive season.

Statistics from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents – AKA ROSPA – reveal that Christmas is one of the peak times for accidents in the home, with some 80,000 individuals suffering mishaps such as falls from step-ladders or chairs while trying to put up decorations. And then there are the potentially disastrous consequences of lighting candles on the tree, flaming brandy on the pudding, or using tools such as scissors inappropriately when assembling toys and flat pack furniture.

While our counterparts in hospitals and GP surgeries up and down the country cope admirably with the human injuries, it is our Finishers who will be asked by thousands of home owners or their insurance companies to come up with the solution to scorched and scratched table tops, wax marks, stained flooring, cracked tiles and those unexplained chips out of worktops or washroom fittings.

For the facilities manager returning to work after the holiday there will be a similar tale. Even though the cleaners have cleared away all the paper plates and other debris from the office party, the spectrum of damage across the building interior can make it look like a riot took place.

In almost all circumstances, however, our Finishers can complete a repair to common building components at a fraction of the cost required to replace them; and with far less impact on the environment.

Where a candle, cigarette or hot saucepan has burned some flat surface, Plastic Surgeon’s highly trained operatives can either carefully erase the mark by smoothing it out or, in worse situations, cut out and rebuild the area. The latter involves bringing the surface back level with appropriate fillers, smoothing it flush and then the Finishers using their training in colour matching to make the repair blend seamlessly with their surroundings.

A similar approach is taken with spillage stains in wood flooring or chips in laminate work surfaces. And some of the Finishers are also trained in glass polishing so that even quite deep scratches in windows, mirrors and glass tabletops can be taken out.

Christmas is a joy to most on different levels – be they spiritual, family, personal or even materialistic – but to ensure life’s little accidents don’t take the shine off the recollection, get in touch with us at Plastic Surgeon.

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