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Giving the Grafton Centre the fine finishing treatment

Giving the Grafton Centre the fine finishing treatment

Giving the Grafton Centre the fine finishing treatment

The Grafton is a shopping centre in Cambridge undergoing an extensive, multi-million pound refurbishment. Much of the work involved in the project centred on covering over an existing street with a stunning glass roof, a great way to tie in the modern architecture and 20th century buildings.

Plastic Surgeon was called upon to use its specialist skills to help restore some aspects of the older buildings, helping to restore the finish and bring it up to a high standard.

The primary repairs that needed to be carried out included damage to stone and handmade bricks. This damage was caused by the removal of old redundant fittings and work needed to tie the new entrance to old stone quoins.

Damage to stone and handmade bricks 

On top of this, the team’s fine finishing skills were also called upon to do some remedial repairs to shop signage, as well as fixing damage to newer bricks caused by the old entrance being chopped out with metal saws and welding torches.

The project threw up several specific challenges which the team had to overcome, from managing dust and noise in a busy environment to dealing with repairs as high as 70 feet up.

As the shopping centre is enclosed by a glass roof, special care had to be taken to avoid excess dust in the space, especially as the shopping centre is open to the public until 9pm. We facilitated the repairs by working through the night when the public don’t have access to the area.

Working through the night

The finishers working on the project also had to prevent damage to other surfaces, taking particular care to protect the brand new aluminium and glass entrance to avoid the need for any additional repairs.

To get the work done within the required timeframe, the job needed two finishers working on the project throughout its 50-day period. Called in to do the work by an independent contractor, the Plastic Surgeon team managed to beat the deadline set for them by four days. As a direct result of the work carried out on the Grafton shopping centre, Plastic Surgeon has won additional projects thanks to the quality of the repair work as well as the timely nature in which it was completed.

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