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Goodbye gorillas

Goodbye gorillas

Goodbye gorillas

plastic surgeon gorilla repair squad It’s goodbye to our favourite repair project of the summer. Our Gorilla Preservation Squad has carried out their final repairs on Paignton Zoo’s band of Great Gorilla sculptures (apparently that’s what you call a group of gorillas).

The sculptures were designed for the Great Gorilla Project, which has been raising money for one of Africa’s most endangered species of ape – the Cross River Gorillas of which only some 300 survive – as well as helping to fund a children’s hospice in Devon.

After spending the summer out on the streets of Devon, repairing holes, scratches and dents in the 30 beautifully designed beasts, our squad will now get back to the more everyday tasks of repairing baths worktops and all those other damaged items.

The guys in the squad have enjoyed being out and about, and being the centre of attention while crowds of onlookers watched them carry out their repairs, but for now, our Gorilla van will be rebranded in its corporate Plastic Surgeon design, and the gorilla sculptures will go to auction.

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