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GreenLeaders scheme for eco-friendly hotels

GreenLeaders scheme for eco-friendly hotels

GreenLeaders scheme for eco-friendly hotels

I have to admit, I’m always pleased when staying in a hotel to see those signs that ask you to chuck your used towels in the shower or bath if you want them changed, in order that ones you’re happy with aren’t washed unnecessarily. Although I’m no sandal wearing tree hugger, I stay away frequently on Plastic Surgeon business, and can imagine the huge amount of laundry being done on a daily basis across the thousands of hotels serving our towns and cities. And the laundry is just one aspect to a new sustainability scheme for .

GreenLeaders was launched in Europe, following its original success across the Atlantic, where it has already awarded a GreenLeaders Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum rating to more than 4,300 hotels and B&Bs in the US since its debut in April 2013.

A number of European chains have now signed up, as well as independent hotels and B&Bs, to raise the global number of rated properties to 6,000. The criteria for the scheme were drawn up in co-operation with the Carbon Trust and, to qualify, they have to meet seven basic requirements: track energy use at least every quarter; use energy efficient light bulbs in at least 75% of possible locations; have a current and active plan for reusing towels; a similar policy for linen; recycle at least two type of waste; have green training for staff; and offer green education for guests.

Underlying these seven core criteria are 50 recommended practices – including elements like electric car charging points, solar panels and green roofs. To qualify for a bronze award, hotels have to use 30% of these practices; for platinum award holders it is 60%.

Interestingly, according to Trip Advisor – which is expanding its own scheme to help hoteliers and travellers make greener choices – more than 80% of people want their hotels to embrace environmentally-friendly practices; and definitely, Plastic Surgeon’s highly sustainable repair service is one which could help any venue cut its carbon footprint .

Not surprising we think that our repair services should be number eight on the GreenLeaders list of criteria – being that existing clients in the sector ask us to repair rather than replace items like damaged shower trays, cracked tiles, marble tops on vanity units, plaster casings to pillars in the restaurant or the gouged wooden bar counter. Two spa hotels on different stretches of the south coast called us in to make good a water damaged wall mural and to polish scratches out of a brand new glass balustrade – both savings thousands.

And as the number one repair specialist in the UK, we can demonstrate to eco-friendly hotels, chains or hotel  facilities management companies that our service is good value for money thanks to our VisibilITy 3 software, which provides hard evidence in terms of the cost per repair and even the amount of waste saved from being sent to landfill.

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