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Housebuilding and construction recovery

Housebuilding and construction recovery

Housebuilding and construction recovery

Throughout the recession, we have seen more and more housebuilding and construction businesses having to tighten their belts, adopting rigorous cost controls.  But, while many have struggled or even gone under, Plastic Surgeon has actually grown – our repair expertise, as it does, offering the most cost-effective alternative to replacing damaged building products: thus delivering savings for clients.

Additionally, we have benefitted from the rapid rise in facilities and estates managers using our services; including public sector clients such as social housing providers, being forced by budget cuts into also having to make every penny go further.

But perhaps the most worrying aspect to slow economic recovery is the fact that the housebuilding and construction industries are struggling to find UK manufacturers able to satisfy increasing demand for building products: turning instead to Europe and the Far East. The industry is therefore having to import materials, because our big producers have cut capacity and are simply not producing enough yet to meet returning demand.

This, though, will change as confidence continues to recover in manufacturing here. Meanwhile, Plastic Surgeon is increasingly being called in to repair items imported from over the water.  One instance being cladding for a school that had got badly damaged during installation – as it would have been too slow and expensive to get a replacement delivered from Italy, and installed before the new term. So we saved the day by sending in a couple of our Finishers to repair the dents and re-spray the scratches on the surfaces.

Overall I can say that I’m glad we’re seeing housebuilding and construction recover, albeit slowly – this has to be good news for all businesses involved in the industry; including ours.

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