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Repairing the sluggish housing industry

Repairing the sluggish housing industry

Repairing the sluggish housing industry

Whether or not you buy into the idea that unlocking the lending crisis could cause a new property bubble, the Government’s Help to Buy scheme has been brought forward in the attempt to stimulate the housing market and help thousands of people get on the first step of the property ladder

While many feel that the return to 95% mortgages may lead to fresh house price inflation, others say that it will be good for the housing industry in that it will help create jobs as well as boost the economy.

Your blogger, of course, is hoping that the Government’s Help to Buy scheme will boost the construction industry generally – and one of the ways to avoid undue price rises is to balance supply and demand. So we must start building – and quickly – to meet the shortfall; to try to develop enough homes so that prices become affordable, as they were when I bought my first place, would be ideal.  Back in the late eighties, I paid three and a half times my salary for a flat near the city centre.  Now I would not be able to afford it, on comparable wages, at £250,000 for the same two bedroom Victorian flat.

As regular readers will know, our repair expertise has kept Plastic Surgeon growing throughout the recession, breaking into new markets. And even though glass polishing is one of the services we offer, our crystal ball can’t tell us exactly how this Government initiative is going to affect the housing sector.

What we can tell you however, is that the guaranteed increase in home completions will be good for business – and we’ll be there to continue helping the UK’s top developers with snagging. After a recession skilled labour is always in short supply, and our Finishers will be repairing all types of components and materials from cracked sinks, toilets, shower trays and kitchen worktops, to tinting mismatched bricks, polishing out scratches in glazing units to removing graffiti.

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