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“I didn’t know you could repair that” – metal cladding

“I didn’t know you could repair that” – metal cladding

“I didn’t know you could repair that” – metal cladding

Michael Caine may have made a couple of funny films – such as Dirty Rotten Scoundrels – but I am going to turn to one of my favourite comedy actors to illustrate the subject for this week’s building product which “not a lot of people know that” it can be successfully repaired.

In ‘Tin Men’ Danny DeVito starred as a down-on-his-luck salesman trying to get suburban America to buy metal cladding (or “Aloominum Siding” as the Yanks call it) by pretending to photograph the tatty exterior of their homes as the ‘Before’ image for an advert. The film showed one housewife fall for it, and pay out for a makeover so that her house could be the ‘After’; but if only she’d been able to call on the services of Plastic Surgeon, the transformation could have been so much more affordable.

Our Finishers are highly experienced in repairing steel, aluminium and other types of cladding or trims, as well as fascias, soffits and barge-boards. In fact just lately we have carried out a large number of contracts on some quite prominent buildings; saving them from having to be reclad at huge expense.

Possibly the most visible to the public was the Tourist Information Office in Aberystwyth where a combination of vandalism and the coastal climate had made a mess of the metal frontage. Working for Ceredigion Council, Plastic Surgeon sent three Finishers to carry out a complete facelift using proprietary two-pack fillers to restore the metal cladding profiles, before employing our High Volume, Low Pressure spray guns to repaint the panels.

Then by the A82 on the banks of Loch Lomond, two of our Finishers repaired a series of scratches disfiguring the cladding to Scotland’s first drive-in Costa Coffee café. The client here was Marshall Construction, a contractor specialising in restaurant projects, which recognised the prominence of the canopy cladding in Costa’s corporate red colour required an expert touch.

Staying in Scotland, a team of our Finishers went into the Central Retail Park in Falkirk to carry out extensive cladding repairs on a store unit which was being refurbished by Mansell. As well as the normal dents and scratches, some of the damage was so bad that one of our operatives was able to make use of his past experience as a panel beater, while our Operations Manager described some sections as looking like a car crash. With the original profile of aluminium cladding no longer available, repair was the only option and they actually completed the work two day inside the four week programme.

Other examples of our expertise in repairing metal cladding include work on the Bitterne Sixth Form College where imported panels had been damaged and were no longer available, as well as HMS Excellence, one of the Royal Navy’s shore training establishments, where the Finishers battled the weather conditions as well as damage to the elevations.

Just like Danny De Vito’s target in Tin Men, most building owners would much prefer to be in one of our “After” shots.

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