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“I didn’t know you could repair that” continued

“I didn’t know you could repair that” continued

The other immortal phrase with which Michael Caine is associated – “I only told you to blow the bloody doors off!” – comes from The Italian Job; and I’m talking about the original film here, not the American remake. Just after the Lamborghini had smashed into a bulldozer in the tunnel and got pushed over the cliff edge, our hero actually breaks into a prison to ask Noel Coward for permission to do the job.

That scene was shot in the former Oxford Prison – now a Mal Maison Hotel – the sort of institution that normally features Crittall style steel windows to provide strength and durability. In fact you can find thousands of these W20 frames giving good services after many decades; but what does suffer, along with aluminium fenestration is their polyester powder paint coatings, because a lot of builders just don’t know how to treat them.

Brickies scratch them with the trowels and chisels, while plasterers leave their inner faces smothered in One-Coat or the like, which much later gets scraped off with a Stanley blade.

Luckily, though, here at Plastic Surgeon we have developed the repair techniques that enable our Finishers to successfully patch, or completely reapply these ultra-thin coatings. Often saving our clients from having to replace the entire fenestration or glazed door units.

We’ve worked in a number of NHS hospitals over the past couple of years, helping get the fenestration ready for handover, while at Mann Island – a huge commercial development in Liverpool – the PPC window cills were level with the floor and had taken a battering of virtually every trade.

And where the original painting contractor engaged by the window company, Weatherwise, was attempting to respray the entire frames in-situ, our Finishers were able to carry out what we term Smart Repairs to smaller areas as we successfully tackled the mammoth task.

So unless the damaged window you have is at the back of a bus, hanging over the edge of a precipice, give us a call. We’ve got a plan too.

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