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Insurance a focus for repair

Insurance a focus for repair

Insurance a focus for repair

Here at Plastic Surgeon, we’ve recently appointed Chris Edwards as our new Head of Insurance Services.

This is a role that will see Chris offer specialist support to insurers and the insurance industry. He has worked in insurance for more than 20 years so is in an excellent position to use his experience and knowledge to really demonstrate just how our services can be of benefit to the insurance industry.

The value of the services that Plastic Surgeon can provide the insurance industry is widely unknown. It’s many of our client’s best kept secrets and, as an integral part of their insurance claims service, is very much still in its infancy. Opportunities to repair and reinstate are frequently missed across all types of insurance claims. Over the years, replacement has been the only real option given the lack of alternatives but we’ve found there’s increasing interest from insurers, who are beginning to grasp the multiple benefits that restoration and repair offers over replacement.

In other industries repair is far more prevalent than replacement. Taking the automotive industry as an example, it’s very much the go to option. One of the key factors is that simply replacing an item costs more than to repair it. You’re taking an item and all its constituent parts and sending it either for scrap (most the time) or for recycling (which tends to be less common). Corporate and social responsibility is high on many of our client’s agendas.

Recycling and sustainability is also a big influencing factor. Most items, for whatever reason, can’t be recycled, which means millions of tonnes in waste head to landfill every year. Here at Plastic Surgeon, thanks to nearly half a million repair jobs last year alone, we saved over 2,431 tonnes of waste from heading to the tip. That’s a figure that continues to rise year on year as we continue to grow and develop our services.

Customer choice and ultimately their satisfaction is another key factor, making a claim is the moment of truth for most policyholders and it is key that insurers get it right. Repair over replacement provides choice for customers, providing more options and reduces the hassle that’s often associated with making a claim.

Reducing the lifecycle of a claim and reducing the number of unnecessary touches is also key, repair is much quicker and more convenient. The fact that one of our specialist fine finishers can repair in situ rather than the upheaval and mess that comes with replacing damaged items is the reason why many customers opt to take this option.

The insurance market is vast, one that surface repair is emerging in and Plastic Surgeon has been there from the start. With our experience of dealing with claims in this sector for several years and with Chris’s insight giving us the right direction, we’ll cement our position as a key supplier to the insurance industry in the coming months.

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