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Internal promotions and fresh talent fuels business growth

Two former finishers join our nationwide sales team to help boost our expansion and business growth

Internal promotions and fresh talent fuels business growth

Internal promotions and fresh talent fuels business growth

At Plastic Surgeon, we look to create an environment that promotes progression right through the business, encouraging employment as a career not just a job. We aim to give all members of the team the opportunity to play to their strengths, allowing individual expertise and personal abilities to shine through.

A recent example of career progression within our existing workforce has seen two of our finishers move from operating in a repair capacity to that of sales manager – where they are now looking to develop the business and secure new opportunities.

Needing to expand the sales team and recognising the invaluable benefits of experience in the field, existing finishers were encouraged to apply for two new sales positions alongside external candidates.

Benefit of experience in the field

Following the resulting round of interviews, two currently employed finishers secured the available positions: David McKeon and Dean Clift.

David McKeon, part of Plastic Surgeon Scotland, has been with the business since 2006, and, with 12 years’ experience, he’s one of the most experienced in the team.

Initially specialising in stone repair, David had an interest in DIY and renovations, but no specific background in repair itself, having joined Plastic Surgeon after a stint in stock management at B&Q and sales management at Dixons.

In his original position as a finisher, David underwent an intensive in-house training course followed by a period shadowing an existing finisher, before moving into the field where much of his learning came on the job. At the time, there were only two stone finishers, so David’s stone repair capabilities were very much in demand. Since that time, the training process has developed considerably, and now the entire Plastic Surgeon Scotland team of 16 finishers is trained in its complexities.

Despite enjoying the repair side of things, David, recognising he had the personal attributes to thrive in a sales capacity, opted to take the opportunity to take on different responsibilities, and so – successfully – applied for the sales opening.

When asked about how he felt his previous role as a finisher could help in his new position, David said: “It massively helps, especially with the technical side of things. I’m able to go into a potential job and provide an accurate costing quickly, knowing how much time will be spent on it and so on. It means I don’t have to get the operations team involved quite as much, allowing me to offer a speedier, smoother service for our clients.”

Speedier, smoother service

Having already been in the new role for several weeks, David said of his experience so far: “It’s great and I’m really enjoying it, but it’s certainly different. The main thing for me is getting used to our extensive reporting and management systems. It’s truly incredible the amount of detail and powerful metrics we can supply to our clients”.

Currently, David is overseeing a project in Glasgow city centre which involves the restoration of a 150-year-old marble bannister. It’s a long project requiring a lot of expert knowledge and it’s just the sort of job where David’s previous expertise, now used in a sales capacity, comes in handy.

Dean Clift, by comparison, joined Plastic Surgeon relatively recently, coming on board as a finisher in February 2017. Again, Dean had no previous experience as a repair specialist, having formerly worked as a depot manager for a logistics sub-contracting firm. His training came via the training centre at our Bovey Tracey head office, followed by a period shadowing an experienced finisher, which was supplemented by in-the-field mentoring and on-the-job experience.

A massive advantage

Dean, in his new sales manager role, covers the London and Southern region, the area where he also worked as a finisher. In a similar manner to David, Dean sees his previous experience as a huge benefit. He said: “I find it a massive advantage knowing how the finishers will do the repair, while also recognising the problems they may run into. Hands on experience certainly instils confidence in customers when I tell them I used to do the job myself.”

Like David, Dean is also enthusiastic about his new position, saying: “So far, it’s been brilliant; very busy and exciting.”

If you’re interested in joining Plastic Surgeon, head over to our careers page to find out more.


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