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Jet Washing service

Jet Washing service

Plastic Surgeon will do whatever it takes to solve clients’ problems; even if it requires the purchase of special equipment; as was the case with an insurance contract involving vandalism to a century old house.

Several buckets of pink paint had been thrown over the brickwork elevations, and although Plastic Surgeon has long offered conventional graffiti removal techniques, they were not considered appropriate in this instance. This was because chemical cleaning agents would have also removed the patina that gives the walls their mellow, aged appearance. The entire exterior would have had to be similarly treated, completely changing the look of the property.

Instead Plastic Surgeon took the decision to purchase a jet washing machine from the Continent which utilizes soda crystals as a mild abrasive. It is actually able to remove substances like paint, layer by layer and was successful in restoring the defaced brickwork.

Plastic Surgeon also developed a technique for brick tinting which enables the Fine Finishers to colour match area which have been repaired or otherwise discoloured. For this the company employs special water based paints and on one job in the social housing sector its operatives managed to blend in the areas where windows had been bricked up in a group of retirement bungalows.

Another equipment purchase was prompted by the need to paint a quantity of large cladding panels which had suffered damage on site. The revolutionary HVLP (high volume, low pressure) spray guns use less air and therefore consume less material while also reducing overspray and particles in the atmosphere. They can be used to apply lacquers, varnishes, stains and paints of all kinds.

For scratches in glass, meanwhile, Plastic Surgeon uses diamond dust abrasives fitted to hand held grinders to remove the damage. To avoid seeing the concave area caused by the polishing/rubbing down process, the treatment is feathered out across a larger area around the scratch. As with all Plastic Surgeon’s techniques the aim is to render the repair almost invisible to the naked eye.

Plastic Surgeon is even able to provide a solution for slippery baths and shower trays, thanks to discovering a new application for the heat guns the Fine Finishers carry. They are used to apply sections of slip resistant transfers which, when gently heated, bond with the original surface.

These transfers are purchased in roll form, meaning they can be cut to any shape desired – even stars or corporate emblems, if required.

Whatever the challenge, Plastic Surgeon’s nationwide team of Fine Finishers will endeavour to find or develop a solution, whether it is on a one-off basis for an individual householder, or contract work for, large construction companies, the public and commercial sectors.

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