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Keeping your property safe on firework night

Keeping your property safe on firework night

Keeping your property safe on firework night

Firework night is a busy time of year for our repair specialists.

While the 5th November is an enjoyable occasion and a great opportunity for some family entertainment, a combination of explosives and fire often leads to unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances.

Fireworks travel at incredible speed, reaching up to 150mph, while 3 sparklers together can burn at the same intensity as a blowtorch.

At public displays, there are legal requirements to put safety procedures in place. However, in the home, the same precautions aren’t necessarily undertaken, which means firework related injuries and damage are most likely to occur at family parties and private events.

If you’re looking to host one this year, there are a few pointers we’d recommended following to try and avoid any unfortunate damage to your home:

  • Buy fireworks from reputable retailers. Faulty goods are the most likely to go astray and result in mishap.
  • Bonfire’s should be at least 60ft away from sheds, outhouses, fences and the like.
  • Be careful when lighting the bonfire and never use accelerants such as paraffin or petrol. This can get seriously out of control or even cause an explosion.
  • Don’t light fireworks anywhere near your property and try to keep sparklers as far away as possible too.
  • Watch out for the weather. Strong gusts can send fireworks in the wrong direction.
  • Although used fireworks might look like rubbish, never throw them onto a bonfire. They can still retain residual explosive.

We see lots of incidents of property damage post fireworks night, whether that be roof tiles knocked off by rogue rockets, fire-damaged garden sheds or furniture scorched by sparklers.

Our Finishers are specialists in repairing this kind of damage, so if it’s something that happens to you, then don’t panic, just get in touch via 0345 141 0000 or by emailing to see if we can help.

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