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Landmark landfill achievement

Helping our clients stay sustainable and environmentally friendly is vital to what we do, but how much waste do we really save from landfill?

Landmark landfill achievement

Landmark landfill achievement

One of the key benefits of opting for repair over replacement is the opportunity to save waste product from heading to landfill. By fixing something rather than simply scrapping it, we’re able to massively improve the environmental footprint of our clients.

In 2016, as a business, we achieved a record high of landfill savings, yet in 2017, we’ve managed to set a new benchmark, surpassing the 2016 total by a remarkable 17%.

According to our statistics, across the whole of last year, we saved 3,474 tonnes of waste product from heading to landfill sites.

The items we repair are diverse – from sinks and baths, to doors and window sills – we repair fixtures and fittings found throughout homes and workplaces.

Record number of surface repairs

Our finishers carried out 646,725 individual repairs during 2017, which resulted in a total of 135,445 items being saved from landfill.

Hand painting tileThe total included 30,189 internal doors, 10,927 external doors, 4,926 sills, 4,716 cabinets, 3,826 baths and 3,706 cupboards along with many more.

When taking the weight of all of those individual items, replacing them rather than repairing them would equate to an additional 3,474 tonnes heading to landfill sites. By utilising our specialist skills to repair them instead, we were able to ensure that they could continue to remain in use.

Industry leading approach

With the Government looking to ban all plastic waste in the UK by 2042, waste is currently a big focus for the country and is set to remain so for the foreseeable future.

We’re proud to play our part in helping to reduce waste and we provide a large contribution to our clients’ sustainability targets.

As awareness of the benefits of replacement over repair continues to improve, we anticipate our 2018 landfill savings total setting another record as more and more businesses look to take an environmentally friendly approach.

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