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Let’s talk about mental health at work

We're incredibly proud to be launching a new Employee Assistance Programme, giving Plastic Surgeon staff access to a whole range of services to support their mental wellbeing.

Let’s talk about mental health at work

Let’s talk about mental health at work

Mental health is often a taboo subject in the workplace, but with almost 15% of the UKs population experiencing mental health problems at work1, it’s a subject that should be embraced.

3 things you didn't know about mental healthAt Plastic Surgeon we have long advocated a positive approach to mental health and have a series of support systems in place to help staff members needing assistance with anything from stress to bereavement. But, as a business we know the importance of constantly seeking ways to improve our policies and nurture a more integrated and open culture. We are proud to be creating an environment where mental health isn’t something to be scared of talking about.

Launching an Employee Assistance Programme

Last week, during Mental Health Awareness Week, we launched a new initiative for all staff members offering a whole range of practical services to support their mental wellbeing both at home and work.

Our brand-new employee assistance programme (EAP) offers free and professional advice providing counselling direct to staff and immediate family members over the phone, online or in person.

The service is specifically designed to help staff suffering with a whole range of issues, from financial woes to housing complaints and bereavement to medical concerns.

Services on offer to staff include:

  • Life support and unlimited counselling for emotional problems
  • Legal information for issues causing anxiety or distress
  • Bereavement assistance from qualified and experienced counsellors
  • Medical information from qualified nurses offering practical advice on a range of medical issues
  • CBT online services which includes information sheets and videos from leading counsellors
  • Wellbeing health platform with advice on how to keep your body and mind in shape

The EAP works to reinforce our existing support systems, providing a centralised, independent and confidential resource staff can utilise as a first port of call.

Positive first impressions

Since the launch of the new programme last week, our HR team have received many positive remarks and we hope this will build as more staff members have the chance to explore the full range of services.

Sally Orton, HR Manager at Plastic Surgeon, commented “We’re incredibly proud to be launching this new initiative to all staff members and bolster our existing services. A whole range of personal and work-related issues can lead to serious mental health problems and we’re confident the new EAP will help staff strengthen their mental health and support them when problems arise”.

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