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Maintaining MOD properties

Maintaining MOD properties

Maintaining MOD properties

Recent events have prompted some observers to question the extent to which our Armed Forces have been reduced in order to bring down the deficit – which can only increase the pressure on individual MOD budgets. And while the cost of high tech weaponry or new warships can run into billions, a huge slice of the total spend goes on maintaining the many military bases across the country, where Plastic Surgeon has already proved it can help save money .

The Government cut-backs have in fact come at a time when the Mod has already embarked on a far reaching programme to improve living standards for not only the personnel living in barracks – the so called SLAM or single living accommodation programme – but also those in married quarters. However, whether contractors are looking at new-build or refurbishment work, having a cosmetic repair specialist to deal with all the niggly little bits and pieces of damage is proved to pay dividends.

Our MD, Rob Mouser confirmed recently that: “There is a clear drive to reduce costs in all areas of the public sector, including at the MOD. Facilities managers for service properties are looking for ways to save money and one sure fire method is to repair instead of replace.”

With more than 115 fully trained Finishers based around the regions, we can cover any job from Air Sea Rescue helicopter bases in Anglesey to the Cavalry barracks in the heart of London or even the more remote naval bases such as in Scotland. And our Finishers can tackle virtually any type of building substrate from modern laminates and stainless steel through to the repair of centuries old ceramics as you might find at locations steeped in military history: like Sandhurst or Dartmouth Naval College.

And of course, as Rob Mouser also pointed out: “MOD sites have tight regulations and restricted access requirements, so it helps to work with larger, well established contractors who already have the personnel and paperwork to enable them to work in such security conscious environments.”

Over the past year or so we have worked at a number of high profile locations where security was just one of the issues, including the Hedley Court Rehabilitation Centre where we helped Interserve get the facility ready for a Royal opening by Prince William.

There was also a contract focusing on the Packway Officers’ Mess at Larkhill Barracks on Salisbury Plain, where a major refurbishment project was coming to a close. There a series of large format black ceramic tiles, typically two foot by one foot in size (600 x 300mm) required old chips and scratches to be made good. Even more of a challenge, around the art deco style, pre-war buildingthe tiles actually formed the skirtings and door surrounds.

So whatever surfaces need attention when maintaining MOD properties – due to long ago military action or more recent accidental damage – Plastic Surgeon can be there to pick up the pieces and provide the facilities manager, peace of mind.

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