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Meter Box Repair – T’was On A Monday Morning

Meter Box Repair – T’was On A Monday Morning

Listening to a medley of hits from the sixties on the radio at the weekend it occurred to me that it was lucky for Flanders and Swann  that Plastic Surgeon wasn’t around at the time, or the eccentric singing duo’s big hit ‘The gas man cometh’ might never have happened

Their ditty – in case you’ve never heard it – details the string of repair jobs – including plastering and painting – that a succession of tradesmen cause for each other after a gas engineer had called to free a valve. But as our finishers have proved on numerous call-outs, last year, repairing a total of 290 meter boxes, it requires just one skilled person and the job is done.

Strangely, though, meter boxes are an item that people rarely consider repairing or maintaining; despite, as Wales and West Utilities rightly stipulates, “under the Gas Act 1996, the domestic meter box is part of the fabric of the property and as such is the responsibility of the property owner/occupier to ensure it is adequately maintained.”

And you would not believe the damage that can be done to a meter box, as a gas man, for example, struggles with undoing an over-tightened pipe fitting. When it suddenly works loose, the spanner or wrench goes flying and takes a chunk out of the box, wall, window cill or profile over which the box is sited. (Gas men, of course get injured too but we don’t patch up people)  Generally made of metal or GRP, the boxes often have a corner chipped off, or the door gets damaged; especially around the hinge area.

So enter one of our finishers, who by repairing the carnage surrounding the meter box, as well as the box itself, helps the building owner, council landlord, housing association or care home manager, remain compliant with the law regarding their maintenance.

For we can reform the scrapes and holes gouged out of the meter box, whatever it is manufactured from – we can even gently heat PVC to make a dent disappear – then we fill, smooth back and colour-match to the original hue by mixing our own palette on-site.

As for damage to walls, plasterwork or cladding, ensuing as a result of the tradesman’s visit, we can tint bricks and masonry; fill scratches, dents and gouges to any substrate, as well as blend in the repair.    Thus ensuring our intervention is virtually invisible to the naked eye, while at the same time saving the person responsible for a meter box a fortune by avoiding having to replace it.

Just like Flanders and Swan, we’re in perfect harmony.

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