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Mind the gap

Mind the gap

Mind the gap

While stunning buildings are being thrown up at a rate of knots in developing cities across the globe, our capital tends to see such development at a far more sedate pace. All through the recession, you could still stand on the banks of the Thames and scan the skyline on the other side of the river on any day of the year, and you would always see at least a dozen cranes at work, refurbishing and repairing existing buildings, or creating architecturally stunning landmarks such as The Shard.

Recently, though, building in London has started to get more frantic, as more and more people seek refuge in the UK from uncertain economies such as France and Russia. The ‘gaps’ in the skyline from London Bridge to Lambeth are beginning to be filled by frenetic construction activity, with councils and developers looking to meet the desperate need for housing across the city.

Responding to this increased activity in the capital, we at Plastic Surgeon set up a London region team last year and have just recruited and trained two new Finishers to add to it. They’re all going to be kept busy.

Environmentally conscious developers and contractors, as well as facilities managers and other client groups already make the most of our repair expertise, calling us in to undertake snagging or other repair work – to the interior and exterior of different structures. And the calls can come towards the end of the build, fit out or refurbishment; while those responsible for continuing maintenance are also learning the value of our services.

Building sites in London tend to be constrained as space is at such a premium. By using our repair services, our very presence avoids the need for skips, as well as replacement items being sent to site, and the damaged item being removed. On roads as busy as London’s, transportation is a time consuming and costly process, often leading to financial penalties when deadlines are missed.

At the exact time your blogger writes, we have saved nearly 700,000 kilograms of waste from landfill so far this year – just by repairing kitchen worktops, doors, windows, cills and façades, as well as baths, bidets, basins and shower trays. Plus we can polish out scratches in glazing, colour tint bricks so that they match, and even soda wash substrates to remove graffiti. Our recently launched Save Our Surfaces campaign is also gaining momentum, with hundreds of professionals signing up: increasing people’s knowledge as to the wide range of construction materials that can actually be saved from the tip, and the sustainability credentials that companies can clock up as a result.

Figures published yesterday showed that London and the South-east are very much in the vanguard of a national recovery in the housing market. Though the numbers do not show whether the growth is down to our bankers spending their bonuses, French businesspeople fleeing rising tax bills at home, or some other factor, the Capital’s skyline will continue to alter, and Plastic Surgeon will be pleased to help ensure that happens as sustainably as possible.


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