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New ‘Snag Reporter’ iPhone App speeds up damage reporting

New ‘Snag Reporter’ iPhone App speeds up damage reporting

To help make the process of recording and reporting a repair through to our Customer Services Team at Plastic Surgeon even easier, we have launched an app, which can be downloaded from the Apple App Store onto an iPhone or iPad.

Your blogger is a huge fan of apps – ranging from Train Times, to Photosynth and ShopSavvy – and therefore believe our free app, called simply ‘Snag Reporter,’ is really easy to install and use: so I can promise you that, once you have downloaded this app provided by the UK’s only national cosmetic repair specialist, you will wonder how you ever managed without it.

Snag Reporter enables customers to log their personal details – name, company, email and phone contacts – before adding as many building sites or property locations as require our repair skills. Once each address is added, individual plots, rooms or locations within the site can be listed. It is then possible to record every bit of damage, the position, defect type, and material such as glass, wood, ceramic or other substrate: together with the size of the area that needs repair.

Once you have entered your personal details, you simply scroll down the comprehensive list of options, which are provided as part of the app. Or add more of your own which are then stored for future use. Meaning that it is very user-friendly for busy site managers, surveyors, facilities managers or other professionals: with minimal faffing around on a keyboard. And, of course, it can be utilised on the move.

You are given the option of editing throughout the reporting process, to go back at any time to check the information provided. You can even take several photos of the damaged item, which can then be annotated, for example by drawing a circle around it, or you can include an arrow pointing to the specific area needing our repair expertise.

When you have completed your list of defects, you simply press the submit button at the top, and hey presto! A PDF snagging report will be emailed to our Customer Service Team, as well as your own email address.

When submitting the report, the customer has the option to select:

• Call me back

• Send me a quote

• Urgent enquiry

Snag Reporter is a quick and convenient tool for busy site agents or building managers who have multiple areas of damage that need to be addressed, in both new build and existing buildings. Easy to navigate, this blogger is absolutely certain that Plastic Surgeon’s new tool will save all you potential users out there a lot of time, in the same way our repair service saves customers money.

You can download Snag Reporter free at the App Store.

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