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Pan-dimensional service

Pan-dimensional service

Pan-dimensional service

The Managing Director of Plastic Surgeon, Rob Mouser explains how fresh opportunities are seeing the company refine its offering.

While being recognized as the knowledge leader and largest player in the field of cosmetic repair, people outside of Plastic Surgeon and its client base will have little insight into the ways in which the company has developed since diversifying into new markets.

Certainly our competitors will know we have been successful in winning contracts with the country’s big insurers and facilities management specialists, but will not understand that this growth requires far more than a good sales pitch.  In fact Plastic Surgeon has made a massive investment of money and resources in making our service offering truly multi-dimensional.

As I write this I am on a 10-hour flight to talk to potential new clients about the way in which we would undertake work on cruise ships, while they are at sea – a challenge we already have considerable experience of.

Thanks to the whole sustainability agenda, the majority of construction professionals now accept the premise that repair is preferable to replacement, but those basic repair skills are not directly transferrable to new situations. There is, for example, a huge difference between polishing scratches out of marble vanity tops on a housing site, and executing the same repair in a five-star hotel where occupancy levels are up above 90 per cent. And attempting the same feat on a cruise liner that carries passengers around the world, 365 days a year, is even more difficult.

At Plastic Surgeon then we not only ensure our Finishers are well trained and regularly assessed, but also continuously invest in the research and development of new or improved techniques. This will also often involve addressing the way the immediate environment is protected from noise, dust or collateral damage.

In particular, working on board ship has presented numerous challenges including marshalling materials for two week deployments, building special trolleys for moving equipment below decks, dealing with voltage variations, and reconfiguring the hand held computers so they can work off-line when the network disappears. Basically standard repairs don’t transfer directly to new environments, but we are successfully diversifying because we are the only contractor able to assure service levels as well as the products.

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