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Party damage repaired

Party damage repaired

When gathering my thoughts about writing this blog on damage caused at parties, my mind immediately went back to that classic Yellow Pages ad, first shown in 1991, whereby a lad who’s taken advantage of his parents being away throws a party, but awakens the next morning to a nasty big scratch on the living room table.

Thanks to the Yellow Pages, he is able to find a who successfully repairs the damage; he breathes a sigh of relief that he’d got away with it. Only to look up – seconds before leaving to collect his parents from the airport – to find that one of his party guests had felt-tipped glasses and beard on what looked like quite a valuable portrait of a Victorian lady.

Meanwhile, in Australia, staff at a Richmond department store took their work Christmas party to a new level by sneaking into the shop after hours to hold an illegal soiree – fake snow was sprayed throughout.

Another party that went horribly wrong involved a smoker who – like Tony Blair – apparently couldn’t talk without making extravagant hand gestures, and accidentally set fire to the wallpaper.

Meanwhile at an extremely glamorous Christmas party in a mansion, one of the guests, dressed up in ball gown etc, was walking down the sweeping staircase with a glass of champagne, when the heel of her shoe got caught in the carpet. Somehow as the stiletto snapped, it flew across the room missing her boss by inches. Both were OK but the accident left a scar on the wall behind his head.

Well, we at Plastic Surgeon could repair all this sort of damage – the scratch on the table, and even a painting or other object d’art – we have been involved with repairing some huge murals in the past. Our capabilities also extend to dealing with fire damage or burns on all types of substrate, including timber and worksurfaces that have had hot pans placed on them. We have even saved a GRP shower pod where someone decided the soap tray was the ideal place to put a lighted candle. As for dents in walls, they are normally amongst the quickest repairs we undertake.

Thinking of “The Office” type office parties, The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents has warned people not to sit on photocopiers to produce images of their bottoms (apparently the most popular office party high jinx). RoSPA believes it could lead to serious injury, saying: “Resist the temptation to photocopy parts of your anatomy – if the copier breaks, you’ll have Christmas with glass in painful places.”

Well, that is one repair job that we would stay away from; though, we do regularly repair scratches, dents and gouges on office machinery as well as household appliances – we’ll just leave the human element out of it.

From us all at Plastic Surgeon – we hope you enjoy your Christmas – “Cheers, and bottoms up!”


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