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People who live in glass houses …

People who live in glass houses …

I know the proverb advises against throwing stones, and is really intended to dissuade someone from being critical of others, but it does have a strong resonance with everyday living in the more physical sense.

The saying came to mind when we were looking through the lists of items our finishers have had to repair over the past few weeks; with dozens of different fixtures and fittings around the home all being made from the same material – glass.

Architects love it as much as individual homeowners and even if you discount the windows, you are hard pushed to find any room in the house which doesn’t have some example of glass technology on show.

In the kitchen we can see the roast beef cooking through the oven front while doors on the display cabinet and the microwave are similarly transparent.

Move through to the lounge and there’s a fish tank sitting on the sideboard, while the pattern on the carpet shows clearly through the coffee table. And although the downstairs bathroom has a toughened glass door enclosing the shower, in the master bedroom en-suite the interior designer has splashed out with your money on a wall of glass bricks.

We could go on, but I think you follow my drift. There’s glass everywhere and you actually don’t have to start lobbing bricks about to do it some damage.

The plumber gouged one of the uber expensive and impossible to replace glass bricks when he was fitting the replacement shower mixer, while one of the children dropped a vase on the coffee table and chipped the surface. You caught the inside of the oven door with one of the diamonds on your eternity ring and the scratch looks set to be there for ever too; and nobody is owning up to the mark on the inside of the fish tank. Maybe a hammer-head shark did it.

The bottom line is that all round your home there are items made from glass that have been slightly damaged and are looking shabby; certainly not shabby-chic. Lucky for you then that Plastic Surgeon has developed a series of repair techniques able to put things right, without even having to remove them.

Employing skills that have regularly found favour with major high street names and the owners of landmark hotels, our finishers can polish out minor areas of damage using abrasive of increasing fineness, or fill larger holes with a clear resin in a repair similar to those carried out for stone chips in car windscreens.

It is all part of a service Plastic Surgeon offers to keep your home looking like something you would see through a showroom window – the condition of the glass permitting that is.


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