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Plastic and stone join forces at Ecobuild

Plastic and stone join forces at Ecobuild

Plastic Surgeon was at last week’s Ecobuild exhibition in London under the umbrella of our membership of the Cast Stone Association.

While many of the building contractors who use the services of our highly trained Finishers tend to be a bit coy about admitting it, there is no getting away from the truth that construction remains an imperfect science, where accidental damage almost always occurs during the building process; and ‘snagging’ is the inevitable final stage, where everything gets put right before handover to the client.

During the two days that your blogger was looking around the North and South halls at the Excel Centre, it was evident that many companies had brought along products and systems which were an upgrade on existing ranges, rather than a radically new development: with there being a strong emphasis on aesthetics and durability.

Most of the PV manufacturers, for instance, were promoting the virtues of their latest solar panels having slim-line frames, finished in black, to blend into the roofscape; while there were also many more ‘composite’ window frames on show where the wooden frames are covered by an external aluminium ‘cloak’.

Most of you who read our blog on a regular basis will know that Plastic Surgeon’s catchphrase is ‘don’t skip it, fix it’ – but many in the industry are still just waking up to the idea that repairing rather than replacing represents the road to real sustainability.

Rather than viewing the presence of a cosmetic repair specialist as an admission of frailty, the Cast Stone Association takes the view that having Plastic Surgeon on board makes a statement about the way its manufacturing members embrace the concept of whole life cost. Indeed, some minor chip in a valuable piece of reconstituted masonry – or any other building component – should never necessitate its replacement. Not while Plastic Surgeon is around.

Plastic Surgeon can restore almost any damaged interior or exterior surface in commercial or residential buildings. Thanks to specialist training the company’s finishers are expert in repairing and fine finishing practically any material including;

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