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Plastic Surgeon aiming to repair the job market

Plastic Surgeon aiming to repair the job market

At Plastic Surgeon we could be excused for asking where all these unemployed people are – and what are they doing ? – while we are dealing with the highest demand ever for our repair services.

According to the Office for National Statistics, the unemployment rate for the three months to June 2011 was 7.9 per cent of the economically active population, up 0.1 on the quarter as the total number out of work increased by 38,000 to reach 2.49 million. Meanwhile the number of people unemployed for up to six months increased by 66,000 over the same period, to reach 1.23 million. This being the largest quarterly increase since the three months to June 2009.

Similarly, the number of unemployed men increased by 18,000 on the quarter to reach 1.45 million, while the number of unemployed women soared by 21,000 putting the total at 1.05 million.

So why then, can anyone explain, that we at Plastic Surgeon are actually having problems finding new recruits, especially in the south-east? Furthermore, the jobless  cannot claim they don’t have the skills for the repair work we undertake, as we always provide all the training required to be one of our finishers.  We employ people from all walks of life, such as ex teachers, hairdressers and policemen – and even a former dancer.  After the two weeks initial course at our headquarters in the West Country, the new recruits continue their training out in the field; under the watchful eye of one of our more experienced finishers.

No two jobs are ever the same, while working for multiple clients across the construction industry means they get around many different sites, so it’s never boring.  Also, because we are a nationwide company, our recruits don’t have to go through all the hassle of relocating, finding new schools for the kids, and all the stress that moving involves.

Importantly, though, Plastic Surgeon is a great place to work; we employ over 100 finishers UK wide, we are award winners, and the team spirit is good – the fact that we retain the vast majority of our staff is proof that we’re a good employer offering real prospects for promotion and betterment. We provide the tools and materials, the transport and even the pay stacks up against comparable work in the construction industry.

In fact, being a finisher is a great job if you like working with your hands, are creative and crave job satisfaction.  The only barrier is colour blindness, as finishers are all trained to colour match the surfaces after repair: so they must be able to hand mix the paints, stains and varnishes by eye so that the repair work is virtually undetectable.

Okay, so the south-east may have the lowest rate of unemployment at 5.8%, but our latest series of adverts across the region’s Job-centres didn’t attract a single application from a candidate with a driving licence and basic literacy skills.

We may be able to repair virtually any building substrate or component that has suffered superficial damage – ranging from a scratched work-surface to a dented cladding panel – but there seems to be something mysteriously wrong with the job market. If anyone has the answer we are keen to help start cutting the unemployment figures again.

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